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  1. That was it Jethro, from JonP01's old post, deleting standard.xml fixed it. I can see my file had 3 or more copies of the joystick profile, each with a different GUID. The game must have confused itself after windows or driver updates changed the device identifiers. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for replying and trying to help. Yes this is MS Flight, a peculiar cookie, now completely abandoned and unsupported by MS. I have no other special software or drivers, just default drivers for both Xbox controller and Logitech joystick. In game configuration is all defaults for the joystick. Windows and other games work just fine.
  3. Haven't played MS Flight for a while, now I try the game and joystick has no effect. It's detected, I see "Logitech 3D Pro" in the settings. Both the joystick and Xbox controller do nothing in MS Flight alone. Fine in all other games. I tried the usual trouble shooting steps: re-plug, re-start, set as primary joystick. As I said, works fine in all other games and apps. Any ideas folks?
  4. While technically correct, if you look at my post and my profile, you'll see that MS Flight is really the only flight sim I own and play, and this is the only forum I frequent. So this is a thought or opinion from that perspective. Besides, this forum is next to silent, so no one will mind. 🙂 I love MS Flight so much and haven't switched to anything else yet. Having tinkered with FSW a little more, it is clunky and not as polished as MSF. Kind of frustrating to play with. I might persist a bit more, but my eye has been caught by XPlane 11 and Aerofly FS2. I'll be keeping an eye on them now. Being a totally casual player these days, I mainly want beautiful scenery and a fun flight model, in roughly that order. Once upon a time I'd pour over manuals and spend 30min flipping cockpit switches to get started. These days I want to be in the air in seconds for a 20min flight max as a break from busy life.
  5. Hi fellow MS Flight enthusiasts. The new hope we had in Dovetail's Flight Sim World is sadly over. As a casual MS Flight player, I'd been keeping my eye on this one since its announcement. Development has been canceled, however the game remains on Steam until May 25th, on sale for US$7.99 including all 1st party DLC. I picked up a copy and had a tinker. It's not better or worse than MS Flight, kind of a step to the side. It has only a few aircraft and whole world scenery. The few planes have quite a lot of cockpit detail and functionality. The world scenery is classic MS scenery with some modern enhancements for ground clutter and cloudy weather generation. Clearly this game is no longer an investment, but a cheap thrill for people who want to play around for some hours with some planes and scenery. It comes with a bunch of training scenarios and canned missions to play through. Free flight allows basic multi-step mission planning and time acceleration. I won't talk about the community commentary as I haven't been following that at all. I'm sure it's a mix of sadness and anger. I'm just sad to see another attempt at a new generation of Flight Simulator canceled. Thought I'd post here in case anyone wanted to try the unfinished product as a cheap toy.
  6. I don't have a solution but thought I'd commiserate, or join your question. I too completed all challenges, missions and aerocaches and lost the lot. I am using stonelance's awesome toolkit though. I was originally running GFWL. I had a moment of silence and moved on. Unfortunately many missions and newly added job types remain locked because of my (current) lack of progress. You definitely want to install the FlightToolkit and enjoy imported MS FlightSim world scenery, new aircraft and job types. Perhaps someone else can comment if it is possible to recover your progress, or at least cheat and unlock things that otherwise require many hours of repeated play.
  7. Nice! I see the new Cargo missions. Thank you! I still hope someday to do the specialized missions (probably just sight seeing) with other craft. Hamburger run already allows any craft, and there is only one water landing plane for The Rescue Mission. I wonder if it is technically possible to create random rescue missions, placing the victim at random (or from set of a few hundred prepared) coastal locations, close to coastal runways? One more question, would it be possible to include the RV-6 for the two lightest cargo mission? I love that plane and I'm sure I can throw a few hundred Kgs of luggage in the back
  8. Thank you, I look forward to checking this out. (Just realized forum notifications were going to my spam box.)
  9. Does this mean it's possible to adjust the category flags to make all aircraft available for all mission/job types? Because the game has so few aircraft, I'd love to mix it up and fly any plane for any job. I don't care about the impossible achievements due to lack of content.
  10. It works! Very cool, thank you. By the way, a screen shot or two would look great in this thread.
  11. After upgrading to Windows 10, the Joystick works even though the Xbox controller is still connected. May just be an internal device order accident. At least there's no need to unplug now.
  12. Exact same error here. BTW, I don't use Norton if you were suggesting it could be interfering. Edit: Just back to note. The first conversion attempt failed to complete, however after rebooting and runing again, it did complete and the game appears to work. I still saw some of the same logged errors on the second run.
  13. Thank for replying rhumbaflapp, but that is disapointing. The game allows an input device to be selected, it just doesn't seem to 'stick' once chosen. :(
  14. Just found my Logitech joystick unresponsive. Realized that I had plugged in a USB Xbox controller and it was taking over the aircraft control. The settings screen allows me to select the Logitech joystick as input (and press Accept), however, as long as the Xbox controller is connected it is always in control. Has anyone found a way of flying with Joystick while the Xbox controller remains plugged into the USB?
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