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Walter Almaraz

Discussion: Updating Prepar3D V3 using the "Update Component Installers"

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So after updating the content and the scenery besides the client, you don't have to reinstall orbx global or vector?

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Install the scenery package will result in issues with Orbx Global, Vector, etc? Or is best to stay only with client and content? I´m not asking this about the new features, but only about the issues that might appear after the update. Thanks!

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Installing the Client only will have the least Impact with Add On's, Not disturbing any Scenery or Airplanes.  


Doing a Content or Scenery Update will in fact return all Prepar3D default files that have been Modified by 3rd Party Software back to Default again.  


I don't have all the Orbx stuff,  So i cant Guarantee how many of there newer Installers Modify default files as apposed to Installing Extra files. (Extra files will be left untouched) 


But from what i do have,  Vector,  Europe LC some Regions and Airports,  All these were left Untouched during a Content and Or Scenery Update  

Orbx Global 


Scenery Update
Doing a Scenery Update will Update and replace files in Prepar3D \ Scenery 
Orbx Global Base Installs directly into your Scenery folder,  After you Update Scenery be sure to Run the Orbx Global Base Installer again (Important)   



The Orbx Libraries are been constantly Updated so its hard to know what files its adding or modifying (If any)   So its highly recommended to run the Orbx Libraries after doing a Content and Or Scenery Update  

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All discussion and/or questions regarding the topic "Updating Prepar3D V3 using the Update Component Installers" should go here!

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