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Have it set to a males voice but have an annoying female butting in constantly

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I have FS2C set to an American male, P3D also for that matter.


But this annoying female has to ruin my video recordings with "On taxiway, on taxiway."


"On rwy 17, on rwy 17."




And it never happened before FS2C, so how can I shut her up?


It is annoying to hear her pipe up all the time, I wish that I could tell her to "Pipe down".


She even does it in the ultralight in a pasture, "Flaps, Flaps."


Do I need to disable something in speech, FS2C, or P3D?


Thank you.

If I ever see her, I am going to mow her down, I don't care how many AI witnesses there are, lol.

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I will search around in it.


I am almost to the point of removing it all, but willing to keep FS2C around for a bit, will removing RAAS mess with FS2C working?


Thank you.

It is, I shall try to shut her up, if I can't RAASP will be history.

Going to try it now, I only have it because it was in a pkg deal with FS2C and seemed reasonably priced, but her screeching has ruined every video recording I have tried to do since installing.

If I can turn her off I will keep RAASP and see what else it does, if anything, but I am pretty sure its just her calling out everything to make you more aware of your situation.

The RAASP ctrl pnl is under add ons, I opened it and turned the master off.


Thank you so much, I was just able to run off the end of the runway on take off, through a fence, and skip across several homes and land in the ocean without a single peep from her.


I was just testing of course.


No need for RAASP, If my head is buried in the manual, or chart, and I fly into the ground I am not actually flying the plane, am I.

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Yup, it's RAAS... in the RAAS menu in the ADDONS MENU you can shut it off or control it anyway you like.



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