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North German Plain 2: From East to West, Cities, Mountains, and Islands

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North German Plain 2: From East to West, Cities, Mountains, and Islands


We depart from Leipzig-Halle (EDDP) early in the morning to reach our destination before it is overrun by tourists. After an overflight of the city of Leipzig we head towards Merseburg (EDAM) for a touch and go, take a look at the City of Halle and land at Oberrissdorf (EDUO).




From here we reach the Harz Mountains with Schloss Falkenstein and the Broken, the highest mountain in Northern Germany with 3744 feet.


We land at Northeim (EDVN), overfly the monastery of Corvey and our next landing will be at Hoexter-Holzminden (EDVI). We overfly the Externsteine and the Hermansdenkmal, two tourist attractions in the Weserbergland, the Weser-Mountains. 


Next are three old and interesting cities, Paderborn, Gutersloh and Muenster. We land at Paderborn-Lippstadt (EDLP), home of Aerosoft, at Gutersloh (ETUO) and at Muenster-Osnabrück (EDDG), the largest airport in this area. 




We continue north with a touch and go at Meppen (ETWM), observing closely the border to Nordhorn Range, and land at Emden (EDWE). From here it's just a short hop to one of the East-Frisian Islands, Norderney (EDWY). We land here and - depending on the airplane you choose at Leipzig - you may want to consider changing it. Our destination today is Helgoland-Duene (EDXH). The airport has three runways, but the longest one has only 1300 feet useable concrete.... In any case, make sure all passengers and crew are familiar with the live vests and other emergency equipment.


The route is 384nm so an aircraft capable of cruising with at least 200 kts will allow us to complete the journey in time. I shall probably fly the Pilatus PC-12, but as ever you are free to fly what you like.


The package including flight plans ( PlanG and FSX) and a "Pilots' Guide" is available here.


Recommended scenery: Orbx GEN




Date and time: October 29 2016, 1800 UTC

Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights Channel

Teamspeak Server Address:

Multiplayer: FSX Multiplayer (IP will be provided on Teamspeak)


If you want to help others enjoy the multiplayer experience, don't forget to enter your aircraft details on the multiplayer spreadsheet! (linked here)


Note to Ron: Please set server time to 07:15 Local.

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Note to Ron: Please set server time to 07:15 Local.

Are you kidding? I don't get up that early! :shok:

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I checked the GEN-Area once more and found out that we could do one more flight in GEN, covering the industrial west of Northern Germany, for example Dusseldorf, Duisburg, etc. So, after doing some other flights, GEN3 would be possible, if you would like to see that part of the scenery as well.

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Here are some shots from the excellent flight through northern Germany. Thanks Gunter! Awesome flight!


Hi there!


Market Church & the Red Tower in the City of Halle.

Castle Falkenstein, just outside the town of Pansfelde, entering the Harz Mountains.

Broken, the highest mountain in Germany with the radio/radar antennas atop.


Ron about to touch down at Northeim (EDVN) in the recip Duke - "Black Magic".

Partial group shot (EDVN), clockwise from lower left - Ron in the recip Duke, Mike in a Turbine Duke, Gunter in the PC-12, Bert in a TBM-850, Jeff in the B200 King Air & finally, myself in the Bearcat.

Over Corvey Abbey, 7.5nm SE of Höxter-Holzminden (EDVI).


Externsteine, a distinctive sandstone rock formation located in the Teutoburg Forest, near the town of Horn-Bad Meinberg, identified as a sacred site of the pagan Saxons.


Hermann Monument, a monument located southwest of Detmold in the district of Lippe.


Radio masts on the Grotenburg Hill, Teutoburg Forest, just east of the Hermann Monument.


Sennelager Training Area (British Army), north of Paderborn, on the western edge of the Teutoburg Forest.


Paderborn Cathedral, center city.


"Trying" to formation fly with Nick from EDLP to UTUO, a little necessary separation as Nick takes 27L while I take 27R.


A group of us at Gutersloh (ETUO) as Josh comes over the top on 27.


Tisk, tisk, tisk. Going to get in a world of trouble flying this close. Oh never mind, the plant is now closed with a world map painted on it. A racetrack just to the east of the tower :-) Just north of the city of Meppen.


Through the binoculars is the Meyer Werft shipyard, Papenburg. Builder of "The Quantum of the Seas".


Group shot, at our final destination, Helgoland Düne (EDXH). Clockwise from foreground - Mike in the Turbine Duke, Gunter in the PC-12, Nick in a Epic LT, Jeff in the B200 King Air, myself in the Bearcat, & finally Ron in a recip Duke... Oh wait! There's more..


Not enough room so Bert in a TBM 850 & Phil in a Beech C90 parked in back.


Time to catch a boat to the other island for some refreshments. None here.  :mad:


Some landing shots compiled into a movie.


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Great shots Roman, thank you!

BTW, the Broken is the highest mountain in Northern Germany, the Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany with 2962m (9717 ft). We will visit the Zugspitze when Germany South is available...


:Hmmmph: , yes, I know, I'm nitpicking...

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Hey guys, I  bought the new Orbx Germany North Region, installed and have been flying some of it.


I had consecutive OOMs in a short time.


So, I lowered my texture resolution to 1024 - it was at 2048.  Now my problem has gone. and I was able to turn my traffic back on.


What resolution do you folks set in your fsx.cfg?



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Hi Bryan,

I just checked my FSX.cfg and lowered the textures to 1024. A short hop showed a measurable improvement on the VAS counter. I'll do a longer flight tomorrow.


Thanks for the info!

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