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One of the guys at the glider club who's also a flightsimmer suggested I try flying to Chambery then taking the little WT9 Dynamic to Courchevel. goes. I only have the default 737 and A321, but I do like the 757 & have the Freemium version so my decision was made. I took off from my local - Manchester mid-morning.


Out over the Channel



Not much to see on the short trip, but then the stock ATC told me to expect a visual approach for RWY 36 !! Interesting... there's quite a bit of terrain coming in from that direction. In reality I believe that approaches are made initially to RWY 18 then broken off with a circling approach to RWY 36.


Typical FSX ATC vectored me more or less straight in over the mountains!! However, the ATC did not vector me into the side of a mountain.. LFLB is about 30 degrees off to port.




Capt. Speaking:, "Ah, Hoskins, this reminds me of my RAF days!", "Hoskins?? Are you alright man?", "Calm down and let the pax know we'll be landing VERY SOON, there's a good chap!"



Easy does it.



Trees may need a little pruning..



Down she goes.



You have control Hoskins..



A nice day for it!







Thanks for viewing.

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Very nice that area around Grenoble, Chambery and Annecy!



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Thanks guys! Thanks to the freeware Freemesh X & Adam Mills' euro ground textures the mountainous scenery is quite nicely represented even if it isn't photoreal. Mind you, if you've been there in real life I suspect it would lose its immersion factor.


I know there's something like 24000 airports in FSX, but you'd have thought that certain approaches would have been represented by the stock ATC - such as circling around to 36 from 18 rather than "nap of the earth, pop-up attack mode" for an airliner, over the mountains. Anyway - it was a challenge for the wrong reasons :cool:

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