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Has anyone get Justsim LEBL yet?

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Installing it tonight hopefully, but from what I can see it looks like one of their best yet (JustSim). 

I've purchased and enjoyed many of their scenery.  I know that there is a bit of rhetoric on this company but I don't find it at all bothersome.  Sure they made an awful mistake earlier on but I believed they've learned from it.  If it was a trend / habitual, then I would have to reconsidered.


Competition is always good.  Shucks...Honda or Acura.... Kia or Hyundai, Chevy or GMC.  Its all depends on taste. They all function as they should and so is in the case with most scenery. 


This developer has shown not only an interest in where we want to fly but also an ability to produce.  Is the quality the same?  No, its the company's/developer's own style / signature.  I, being an Architect for one, do greatly appreciate all the works and efforts put forth by these various developers. 


I look forward to Justsim's future production.

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The screenshots and video look pretty good..............except for the one thing that a lot of people have pointed out about how the height of the T1 'sword' terminal building is far too high compared to reality.


I like the fact that they have stated compatibility with FTX global / OpenLC textures. Thats very important these days for me personally as nothing is more off-putting than a huge photo-real area of airport grounds which don't even blend with the surroundings or seasons.


I will wait for the new sim-wings version before deciding but the above mentioned compatibility needs to be there before I will buy.

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Yes I have it and I am very happy with this scenery so far. The performance is very good. I have a little bit of contact to JustSim and he already works on some minor issues regarding the new terminal (?). I am not sure what exactly is wrong here, but nice to see him listening to the people out there.


SODE Jetways will come very very soon for Nizza and BCN. Here the proof that JS is not talking "######" about his promise delivering SODE Jetways.


For me it is important that the Scenery is P3D native and this is the case with the JS Version. 



- good performance

- awesome nightlightning

- P3D native

- sharp textures and good flair of this airport (been there in real life)

- works perfect with FTX Global/openLC



- the dirt on the runway 7L and 25R could be more intense



- lack of static cars on the terminal because of performance.



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