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  1. This is an interesting finding. Have you ever brought this on the FSDT support forum?
  2. Same here. Hard week and now some time to do a flight... This needs to stop very soon now.
  3. That's what I asked in their forums, but I haven't got an answer...
  4. You should be able to run it like you want with your hardware. Core thing is, not to max out everything and take your time to find your right spot between the best performance together with the best visuals.
  5. ~Southwest~ KSFO -> KLAX KLAX -> KPHX
  6. So we are colleagues . But you know that you have Delta, BA and a lot more VAs in vAMSYS already? Personally I love the IAE, the sound is just amazing. Flying with BA, Aegean or WOW makes a lot of fun. The CFM is still cool. You just need to give a little thrust to start taxiing, but it remains its speed (depending on your payload) with idle thrust. It is amazing, how FSL achieved to overcome the horrible groundfriction from FSX/P3D and added an entire flight and grounddynamic of their own.
  7. I find this one amusing. Sure you can't compare it (price). But some things are interesting.
  8. The textures will be redone for P3D v4 with a whole new look in the cockpit. Even in P3D v3 I had the impression that FSL A320 looks far more real compared to the real A320 as the AS A320 does. But maybe it is just a matter of taste. However, I am wondering, how the new textures for P3D v4 will look like. As far as I understood, the developer from FSL already work with the P3D files from P3D v4.1. They work together with Lockheed Martin. As they are in a early beta stage, I don't think we will wait for too long now. Both P3D v4.1 and FSL A320.
  9. If you don't want the 737 NGX in P3D v4, so wait for the FSL A320. It will be worth the money, believe me. For now, save your money. In P3D v4 will enjoy it even more. But you have to wait for P3D v4.1. FSL will not release the A320 prior to 4.1. (btw, if you break down the price to one year, it will be ~11,66 per month you spent on this aircraft, mabye this sounds better to you)
  10. PMDG 737 NGX, if you love Boeings like I do. It is a very lovely aircraft, with an amazing amount of detail. Together with FS2Crew Reboot, it is one great aircraft. If you want to know, what THE studylevel aircraft is, you guess it. It is the FSL A320. There is nothing even close to this one. It starts with the amazing sound of this bird, actually loading the aircraft with GSX integration and all the systems work like they should. Don't get me wrong, PMDG is awesome, but FSL sets a new level of realism in the sim. It is very expensive, but worth every little cent.
  11. Like @Chock said, but you have to keep in mind that there are numberous people out there suffering from random CTDs in BOTH aircraft, the TFDI 717 and the CRJ.. Even if some issues are realistic in a way, a lot of people getting annoyed by them really fast. For me, both aircraft are in my opinion in a beta stage (well one of them is in a public beta) and at this point, I wouldn't recommend any. But if you are willing to give one of them a shot, take the CRJ. But keep in mind that you will have issues with waypoints and other funny things.
  12. I know what Early Access means and I know that they are in EA. But I thought Drzewiecki Design joined already? How do they managed to make their sceneries work? As long as other developer (the big ones) don't show any interest at all, FSW is a dead-end road to me. Apart from this, the whole Steam only and "developer/publisher must release their stuff via Steam too" doesn't make it better IMHO. So this whole SDK debate doesn't make anything better.
  13. So... two? Besides, as long as other developer/publisher like PMDG, Aerosoft, FSL and other scenery developer don't do anything regarding FSW, I won't get hyped at all.
  14. You may notice that no developer you are used to supports FSW, right?
  15. Great, almost bends over the aircraft... Naah, it doesn't have wing flex
  16. @pellelil yes, of course, sorry. Thanks @leghorn very helpfull. Unfortunately this is not enough for the leg I'm planning.
  17. My other source said, the PMDG 737-700WL can carry about 16t fuel (doesn't sound right to me). I remembered something about 25t... Now I'm completely confused.
  18. Aren't 1 LBS about 2.2 kg? http://www.convertunits.com/from/lbs/to/kg
  19. So 46,063 L would be 20,893 tons, if i calculate this correctly. If this is the PMDG 737-700 you would've helped me out here. :) no problem at all @vc10man
  20. I am not asking about the release, or did I? I know that it will be out sooner or later. But at the moment I can't look it up by myself. I'm asking, because I have to plan some routes for our virtual airline.
  21. Thanks, but i only have P3D v4 and I don't have the 737-700 obviously. That's why I'm asking.
  22. Hi guys, does someone know, how much fuel the 737-700WL can carry? When possible in tons. Thanks.
  23. I think exactly like you @rooitou . You are not alone with your opinion. Not praising their products, or say something critical results in a ban or they simply delete your topic..
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