How to fly a VOR radial?

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I'll see about putting a slew of screen shots together.  Might be in a few hours though.

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On 2/24/2017 at 9:21 AM, Ourgas2 said:

HI all,

How can I fly a VOR radial?




Images don't seem to be working just click on the links.

Ok so here is the quick dirty rundown.  First image is straight and level flight.  Flight plan is completely empty.  


Notice you probably do not need to be in Heading Hold/Select todo this.  As you will be arming the VOR Function. So on the CDU hit the NAV RAD Button and it will take you to the NAV Tuning page.  In my example I used the BGQ VOR and wanted to track the 360 Radial.  Always choose the heading you want to fly to or away from the station.

So type BGQ/360 (VOR STATION/RADIAL) into the scratch pad and then drop it into 1L or 1R.  Then you can hit the *VOR ARM (LSK 2L)



This should be what your looking at now.  Notice the FMA (Top of the PFD) states VOR ARMED and on the CDU LSK2L says VOR ARMED as well.  Now when you intercept the radial the aircaft will start tracking.

Once the aircraft starts to track the Radial the FMA Switch from its HDG/NAV mode and goes to VOR1/2.  The CDU switches from VOR ARMED to VOR TRACK.


The ND can be left in MAP mode or you can switch it to VOR.  Both present the data, users preference on how you want todo it.  I can think of numerous features I like on the MAP page and you just grow accustomed to trusting to the automation to actually track what you tell it to.  You can see deviations left and right of track on the MAP page almost as easy as the VOR page.  But the MAP page as ARPT, DATA, FIXES that might be more imperative to navigational situational awareness than knowing your one radial left or right of track.


If you need more information let me know.  Maybe we can get a shared screen session going and i can run thru some of these.  There are otherways of tracking outbound or to a VOR as well.  You can look into custom waypoints as well.  I can type up some tutorials on that as well.  Its actually how I navigate for an approach all the time.  I make a 8 mile base leg and go there from the last leg on my flight plan.  It provides LNAV and VNAV all the way to the ground doing it that way and you don't have to worry about vectoring yourself.


Hope this helped!

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