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Henrique Santos

Textures missing

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Yesterday I tried a DX10Fixer option that shows if a texture is missing, and once I tried FSx, in Lisbon I saw there were lots of missing textures.

How can I know from wich file they belong? Because it says what are missing but not from where, or I´m wrong?

Thank´s in advance

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The moderator can move it, but I would just post there.


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It's isn't really a fixer option, it just sets a value in fsx.cfg.

fsx then tells you if an aircraft or scenery references a texture which cannot be found.  

Generally the object referencing the missing texture will be discarded in dx9 and drawn black in dx10.  

Unfortunately developers fail to test for this and eg installers omit textures.  If the object is small and inconsequential it may not matter much.

A classic example of a problem is two aircraft or airports from the same developer with a shared texture.  If you remove one then the uninstalled will remove the shared texture and the remaining one will the display incorrectly.

all you can do is contact the author and ask for the missing texture.

i tend to use this option when I see an issue, black boxes or square lights, rather than running it generally on new sceneries.

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While I posted this issue of missing wheels in the main MS-FSX forum, I thought I would also post here for visibility in the DX10 discussion just in case this is a DX10 issue. Last month, I bought and installed SteveDX10Fixer v3.3.103 and most of my missing textures showed up. However, I am still missing the wheels on some of my planes and I can't figure out the problem pattern especially when my Saab340 addon shows one livery with wheels and another livery without wheels (see below). Could this be an AMD Radeon setting, or does this have anything to do with the shader cache? I'm stumped.

System info:

MS-FSX Deluxe with SP2; i5 processor with 16GB RAM; AMD Radeon R7 360 graphics card with 2GB




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The manual has a chapter entitled missing aircraft components with a subtitle "where is that undercarriage" which covers this.

in short this is a legacy fs2002 aircraft and one of the liveries uses a 8 bit texture for the wheels which is shown incorrectly in dx10.  

As a quick fix you can tick the 8bit fix in the fixer but this causes side effects so I don't recommend it other than as a quick test to show that this is the issue.  What you need to do is replace or convert the offending wheels texture.  If you have the fsx sdk you can use the dx10 toolbox to convert the texture - see the manual for a description on how to do this (chapter 20)  however in this case  I would simply copy the wheels texture from the northwest livery into the provincial livery.

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Steve...thanks for the response. Obviously, I didn't have the contents of your manual stored in my RAM ;-) so sincerely appreciate the specific guidance. I noticed the wheel texture name in all three Saabs was rouen2.bmp, so will see if simple copy and paste works for those planes.

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