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If you are not familiar with the cockpit of the NGX, I would suggest you to have a look the FCOMv2 where all the systems of the aircraft are detailed, including the different panels.

All the documents provided by PMDG with the NGX are full of useful information and are really worth reading.
For some question, it may be quicker to have a look at these documents than to have to wait for an answer on the forum.


And by the way, PMDG requires to sign all the posts with first and last names in their forum rules.

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You obviously haven't done the tutorials, so in addition to what Romani Roux has suggested you should do at a minimum Tutorial 1. 

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Second the other posts here.  When I first got the NGX and climbed into the cockpit, I was both amazed by the details, and overwhelmed by it.

Was glad to see that there were tutorials.  That circle-to-land approach into LOWW was difficult (mastered it on the 5th attempt), but I learn quite a bit about the NGX, its' systems, and how she flies.  Now, 60 or so hours later, am fairly comfortable with the NGX, but am learning all the time.  However, would not be at the point I am without having done those tutorials.  I am always thinking back to something in the tutorial when flying now, especially if it's relevant to the part of my flight or check I am doing.  

So do the tutorials, if nothing else.  They give you a foundation to successfully operate the NGX.

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