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Aerofly FS 2 New "Insane" Shadow mode

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Aeroflys new (Latest update) "Insane" shadow mode. This setting is recommended only for cards with 8gb of memory or more, as it's a graphics memory hog. Aerofly will automatically display lower settings on cards with less memory. 

A GTX 1070 will work with this setting, but it's intended for 1080 and above graphics cards.





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28 minutes ago, SpaceNova said:

By "insane" do the devs mean dips down to 90 FPS? :laugh:

Pretty much!

I think I said it before on another thread, how spoiled Aerofly had made me, so quickly! For years, I've flown over various versions of New York in my favorite sims, averaging about 30fps or maybe a bit above, and thought I was doing pretty good!

Things got considerably dicier if I added any high fidelity airports like KJFK or KLGA nearby. (and no, don't even think about shadows)

Aerofly trained me to expect much more than that, and yup, here I was frowning as I flew over a detailed New York with several high detail airports and with full high resolution shadows, at "only" 90Fps. :blush:

I wonder at what point I'll ever stop wanting just that tiny bit more? 

Oh well, a nice thing about the new shadows is that they now extend downward for lower spec systems as well as up, so if you set your shadow settings to "Low" you will actually still get beautifully sharp shadows around and within your plane, while retaining the ability to fly over NYC (with my 1080ti) at 280fps, which, I have to admit is pretty cool.

Even nicer is seeing the insane shadows in VR, though! :wub:


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Well...I have all the latest updates and all, and with Shadows set to 'Insane'...and over the New York downtown, the lowest FPS recorded was 61 FPS, so that suggests that whatever Orbx later on throws my way at AF2, my system will be able to handle it, no sweat.  Away from New York, I don't much go below 117 with 'Insane' set. So, very happy to see what this graphic engine can do.  Also, when active weather comes into play, even if I ever saw 50 FPS, what the heck?!?!?

I have for years been happy to get a constant 30 FPS outta FSX and P3D!


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