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  1. SpaceNova

    Aerofly FS2 Helicopter Incoming

    I can't wait to try it out! Hopefully this will draw developers to Aerofly, when they see what is possible :)
  2. SpaceNova

    Aerofly FS 2 New "Insane" Shadow mode

    By "insane" do the devs mean dips down to 90 FPS?
  3. SpaceNova

    Aerofly FS 2: Update thread

    Fantastic news! One bit got my attention: How is that even possible?!
  4. SpaceNova

    Outerra development news

    Amazing stuff! What is the performance impact from the 3D trees? Does this mean all trees will be unique?
  5. In the comment section om YouTube UNIGINE have hinted at flight sims in the works using their engine. Exiting stuff!
  6. UNIGINE just released a really cool video of the cloud simulation in UNIGINE 2.4 This engine is looking promising! UNIGINE also released a lot of information about the new changes, take a look:
  7. SpaceNova

    Aerofly FS 2: Update thread

    Great news! I'm really looking forwards to what Ipacs will be able to deliver in this regard. VR and ATC is going to be very impressive.
  8. Perhaps pausing the sim before loading the saved state will do the trick?
  9. Great stuff Jan, thanks a lot for taking the time to write this down and to create helpful videos!
  10. I have been searching for a PFPX-profile for the LES Saab 340A without luck for quite some time. I am aware that there is a profile for a Saab 340B in PFPX, but I would like to use the correct settings to get accurate fuel calculations and flight times. Do any of you know of a profile for the LES Saab 340A? :smile: Thanks
  11. SpaceNova

    Aerofly V2

    IPACS posted a new screenshot on their Facebook yesterday. This looks amazing, and seems to be nearing completion! Link:
  12. SpaceNova

    One year of aviation in 3min

    Beautiful video!
  13. SpaceNova

    What was you're worst 'real-life' flight?

    Thanks for sharing stories everyone! My worst flight was also my very first flight in a general aviation aircraft. The plane was a Cessna 182, and at 3300 feet I and two others would jump out of a flying plane with a parachute for the first time. Before you jump, the pilot navigates the airplane to the right position, while you sit with your back against the right side instrument panel with your instructor sitting in front of you. Sitting there, waiting for the instructor to open the door is not a very pleasant situation. The very obvious fear of the situation is very intense, but the fact that you do not know when the door will be opened adds a lot tension. For the first three or so jumps, the flight is not at all enjoyable, but after that it starts getting fun!
  14. This is a really great initiative! I'm not making content for Outerra myself, but I'm sure more gifted individuals than me will benefit from this Wiki! Great work! :smile:
  15. SpaceNova

    Outerra mods news

    Wow! Outerra is really looking absolutely stunning!