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PDMG Weather Radar

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I have the PDMG 747, 777,737 NGX for P3D and been having some trouble with the weather radar function - on the 777 seems to be working (when I start a flight I will activate the radar with the WRX button (I think) - then I hit test on the middle console and the radar will fire up and run its test sequence - I have  managed to get it working on the 777 but when I try it on the 737NGX I can switch the radar on (green letters appear on the screen - however when I hit the test key nothing happens - so I am not really clear if the radar is working properly? anyone any ideas how to fire it up properly?

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Did the 737 actually HAVE a working weather radar? I don't own it, so I'm not sure, but I thought the 777 was the first one to have a working weather radar. I'm not sure if they ever got around to implementing it on the 737.

Captain Kevin


Air Kevin 124 heavy, wind calm, runway 4 left, cleared for take-off.

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The latest version of the 737NGX certainly does have weather radar, which as far as I know, works only with HiFi's weather engines. I know this because mine works!

I can't help with the original question off the cuff.  As far as I can remember, mine is set to Auto on the pedestal and and of course it needs to be switched on on the MCP.  That's it to get started.  

I know this is too stupid for words but it doesn't show anything if it's not raining or otherwise precipitating.  Some seem to confuse this with there being cloud.  It doesn't actually show anything on most of my flights, but when there is precipitation in the area being scanned, it shows it.  Are you sure you actually have rain? 





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He first PMDG to have working Wx radar was the 737NGX.   This requires Active Sky to be running as your weather engine.  It will not display clouds like older Wx radars made by other developers.  It only displays precipitation that Active Sky is rendering.  If you don't see anything than that's why. 


The original 737, 747, and MD11 did not have Wx or terrain. 

I'm unsure why yours isn't working.  It's the same on all of them, although I don't own the 777. Just press the Wx button on the glaresheild.  You won't even have to mess with tilt, gain or other settings on the actual Wx console. 

- Chris Jefferies


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I'm unsure why the OP's problem is occuring... Maybe @scandinavian13 (Kyle) can chime in?
(He's always so nice and helpful :smile:)

The only advice I can give, is to read the introduction manual and the introduction tutorial. It's all explained in detail in there...

Best regards,
--Anders Bermann--
Scandinavian VA

Pilot-ID: SAS2471

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all thanks for the replies and yes 737 does have the radar as I have had it working before! - was fully aware it does not show up just rain and it needs active sky next (which I have) - my issue is it seems to switch on (shown on the MFD) but the test button does not run the usual test (in fact nothing happens when I hit it) - strangely the  777 version works as expected........(not I am using it through flyinside)

anders perhaps you can send a link to the official tutorial (I learned how to use it from a you tube tutorial posted by an other flyer...)

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I recommend you try the documentation, then the knowledge base and then the forum for questions.  YouTube should be last on your list because there is a lot of inaccurate information out there, at least here we can banter back and forth.

The Tutorial is provided with the product.


Dan Downs KCRP

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