who is running 6 or 8 cores CPU ???

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just wondering who is running on more than 4 cores and what the results are since I'm making a list of parts for my new build ... share your results thanks in advance ...

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This is a good question! I think much of the processing requirements for P3D are for terrain, and it seems the more threads, the smoother things are. Rob Ainscough is running a 6-core/12-thread setup and it appears smooth as silk.

I fear my 3770K has entered its end of life from being perpetually overclocked, so I am in the market for a new CPU - inquiring minds need to know!

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Get something you can comfortably overclock to 4.5ghz or higher, and with p3d the more cores the better, hyperthreading enabled. 

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I´m running a 5820K 6 Core CPU @4,5 Ghz a few weeks earlier i tried a 6950X but this was in P3D V3.4 and there the 6950X produced steadier framerates then the 5820K did. 

Regarding V4 i have to say that the 5820K is pushed to the limits and i think he cannot keep up, the cpu usage is nearly all the time at 90-99 % and the GPU (GTX 1080) is at 85-99 %.  But i have to say that i have a 4K TV and most of the sliders maxed out. 

As soon as the test for the new x299 are there and the performance is realy so good like they say in the first benchmarks i will move to the 8 Core for about 600 Bucks or the 10 Core version and check what happens then.

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