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Guest JetFueler

CJ2 or Premier 1a?

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Guest JetFueler

I've been flying Carenado 350i for a while and not only have I come to grips with the slightly idiosyncratic ProLine21 and FMS, I've really come to enjoy the aircraft as a whole.  I've used it as sort of a personal airplane to hop around England and Continental Europe.  I'd like to get something single pilot that is a bit faster now but I cannot decide between the CJ2 and the Premier.  I know the Premier is faster but I've always like Citations and how simple and robust they are in real life.

I'm looking for some opinions to help decide.  Since I don't need to pay for maintenance and fuel I am leaning towards the Premier for it's performance but I'm a bit apprehensive about how my computer will handle it.  I get along fine with the 350i with ORBX England and LC Europe installed but I've seen reports of bad FPS and OOMs from the Premier - I haven't seen anything on how the lite model stacks up against the full model in terms of VAS usage though. I feel like the CJ2 is a safer bet and I did mention my affinity for Citations, particularly the 500/525/550/560 series.  I do have the Carenado 550 and I enjoy the way it flies but that particular model just doesn't do it for me for some reason.  I think it just has to do with Carenado's 'system' implementation being a little too new on that model and my gut feeling is the the CJ2 is what I wished the 550 was.

-Does the Premier totally blow the CJ away being the newer product?

-Will the Premier cause endless OOMs around FTX England with some UK2000 airports installed? Does the Lite version help?

-The 350i performs well on my system, how do the Premier and CJ compare?

-Is there something else I didn't think about?


Thanks in advance!

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If you decide to go with the CJ2 I would recommend that you also install the mods that have been done, the folks who worked together on those did a great job. I don't have the Premier yet because I'm waiting for Ray's review to come out, I suspect it should be out shortly.



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Lite = no cabin

C550 works with GTN 750 or ISG mod

There's also the Phenom 300 .

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I really like the Premier 1A.  Is it perfect?  No.  But it is fast for a small jet,hand flies like a dream and I can live with the faults. Autopilot seems to capture an ILS and follow very well.  I will be flying it much more than I did the CJ2 or either of the Phenoms.



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Guest JetFueler

I did consider the Phenoms but I was never really taken by them in real life and between Carenado's G1000 and ProLine21, I prefer their ProLine21.  To be fair, however, I've not used any of their Navigraph enabled G1000 planes, only the TB850.

I could really care less about the cabin so the Lite model would likely be the way I go if I got the Premier. I'd imagine ditching a texture sheet or two from the cabin model drops the plane's VAS usage a fair amount?

I appreciate the feedback thus far. I'm only really torn on this because I've not had as much money for toys lately so I'm allowing myself one plane. I want to be sure I get the best value for money in terms of the product and my enjoyment. Buying the Premier and finding it causes OOMs would be bad just as buying the CJ2 and being bored with it wishing I had gotten something 'newer'!

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I have got the Premier and FWIW, the Lite version also does have a cabin. At first glance, the FPS seem to be the same in both as well. In fact I can't tell the difference between the Lite and Full versions! I've also got the CJ2 and like that as much as the Premier - so that's no help at all is it!

Intel I7-4770 3.4Ghz
16 Gb RAM
nVidia GTX770 2Gb
Windows 8.1 64 bit
P3D 4.4/3.4 FSX SE

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I have the phenom 100 (e50 with the g1000) as well as the premier 390 and citation cj2.  The latter two work well with navigraph updates but the former doesn't.  I think the latter two also support vnav unlike the former.  


Between the premier and citations, I personally prefer the Citation.  It's easier to start and more fun to fly.  For what ever reason I find the Citation handles climbing much easier  than the premier, all things considered, since both have the same proline fms.

One other annoying thing is the buttons on the autopilot panel of the Citation have a light when pressed giving u visual feedback.  However the buttons on the Premier don't light up.  These little things, among others, lead me to prefer the Citation.

I have inquired about the g750 mod and will seriously consider installing it once available.

Hilkiah G. Lavinier

P3d v4.3, ORBX (global/trees/vector/LC,airports), Envshade/Envtek, Pilot2ATC, PRO-ATC, Navigraph, PFPX, ASCA/AS, Freemesh 2.0, Aivlasoft EFB v2, Various addon airports, FSL A319X/A320X, PMDG 737/777/747, TFDI 717, QW 787, Carenados jets

Intel i7 4790k (no OC & no hyperthreading), 16gb, Nvidia 980ti (no OC), 3xSSDs, Acer Predator XB281HK (4K resolution), Windows 10 (1803 build) - runs P3D 

Intel NUC7i7BNH i7, 16gb, M2 ssd, Windows 10 (build 1803) - runs AS/ASCA, Pilot2ATC, Aivlasoft EFB 

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Guest JetFueler

I was able to purchase both (not something I'm usually able to do).

I've really like Citations since I first started working in aviation and conversely I've never been a huge fan of the Premier.  It looks ungainly on the ground and it's an annoying plane to service if I'm honest.  In the sim I find I'm preferring the Premier though.  Gear up it looks great and it is certainly a bit more refined than the Citation being nearly a year newer.  I am glad I was able to afford both though as I do like them both but after a few trips in each I think the Premier will be my personal jet of choice.

Thanks for weighing in guys, I appreciate it!

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