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Prepar 3D V4 FS2Crew NGX Released!

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Attention 737 Drivers,

I'm happy to announce that FS2Crew NGX Reboot has been released for P3D V4!

Everyone loves the PMDG 737 -it's probably the best selling FS addon ever- and now you can enjoy your crew with it in the best sim currently on the market - P3D V4!

P3D V4 (64 Bits) is the future.  

If you're serious about simming, 64 Bits is where it's at.  

The performance gains are extremely good, and 64 Bits offers double the memory capacity, so OOMs should be a thing of the past if they were ever an issue for you before.

So go get P3D V4!  It's worth it!


Important - If the FS2Crew FO is not flipping switches!!!

You need to have the latest version of P3D V4 installed ( or later!

If you don't, then the FS2Crew FO will not be able to slip switches or press buttons!

So if you find the FS2Crew FO has his hands tied, go get the latest version of P3D V4 from Lockheed Martin!


Like before, there are two versions available:  A Captain's Set and a Regular Version.

The only difference is the Captain's Set includes the unlocked version of RAAS for P3D V4.

Free bonus!

We're including the 737 Global FO Voice Set  -a 20 Euro value.

Note that the Global FO Voice set is built directly into the product.  There is no separate installer for it.  

When you select your crew accent, the extra FO voice sets will automatically be available.


Discount code!

We're also offering a 5 Euro discount code to previous owners.  

Use coupon code: 73764


Have a safe flight!  You can now fly two-crew in P3D V4 in your favorite 737!






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Thanks for the update, Bryan!
Well deserved.

Best regards,
--Anders Bermann--
Scandinavian VA

Pilot-ID: SAS2471

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While this is a great product, l would like to ask a "why" question with the utmost politeness possible, but l really need an understanding before l spend my hard earned money.

Can l please ask how much work was actually involved in the transferring over to the P3D v4 platform from P3D V3 as this is one of the very few add-on products charging almost full price for the upgrade. So Is this a brand new fully upgraded product with many new features and what would they be?

As one person put it so well, are we buying a whole new washing machine, or just an adapter plug to make our washing machinei compatible with a new power supply. And if it's only an adapter plug, can it please be explained to me why l am being asked to pay almost the full price of a washing machine for that adapter plug.  FSX to P3D was a new washing machine as is transferring to X-plane from P3D or FSX, or even X-Plane 10 to 11.   And as LM built a 64bit version of P3D from a 32 Bit, added significant upgrades, they too are a offering a new washing machine but allowed many parts (our current add-ons) to still be functional with only minor changes (a great move by LM and much appreciated by the FlightSim community)).  And the result is most companies have found making their current P3D products workable with P3Dv4 is just the adapter plug and nothing more. And so costs are quite small from those who charge

Intergrity of companies is highly important to our flight Sim community.  If a company was to take advantage of it's customer base, then that company will loose many of those customers respect and their support possibly forever, never recovering that consumer base due to lack of trust.  And so a company's honesty, integrity and loyalty to it's customers will be measured based on whether a fair price for their work is being charged for this adapter plug.

Orbx, Taxi2Gate!, Flightbeam, FSDreamTeam, UK 2000, Drwez... , Carenado, Milviz, and so it goes on and on and on are offering free upgrades to loyal customers (too generous really, but they have shown their commitment to the future of our community as a result). Some Companies are asking a small amount to cover their work and time which is completely fair, esp when some are small and can't just afford to give away this adapter plug.  As a community, we don't expect things for nothing and are more than happy to fairly reward and compensate a company for its work, but not to be taken advantage of.

As time goes on, companies will make new versions of their current products to take full advantage of P3D v4 features.  These will be the new washing machines as such, but until then, any company trying to sell a adapter plug for almost the full price of a new washing machine, well that needs to be highly questioned and would be shameful to say the least.

So FSCrew, could you please let me know have you undertaken a full rebuild of the prduct range adding many new features to each product, thus justifying only a 12% discount, a great achievement in such a short time if this is correct, and FSCrew should be congratulated if this is the case.   Or am l really just being offered an adapter plug in transferring my product from P3D V3 to V4.  To support a company and buy their product,  l want to be sure that that company is being fair and honest with me as the customer, and that l can trust them now and in the future to do the right thing,  and in return they will earn my respect and gain future purchases.

So l guess l ask my original question again, FSCrew, are you offering an updated adapter plug, or is it a brand new full-on washing machine,  becuse at present, it  really appears to only be an adapter plug that costs almost as much as a brand new washing machine.

l (and based on many forums discussing this very issue), many many other FlightSimmers look forward to the answer as l / we would hate to think that FSCrew is trying to take advantage of us in this case. 

Thank you


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Thank you for the polite post. 

I remember when PMDG started charging separately for their P3D versions a few years back.   You'd think the flightsim world was on the verge of some kind of French Revolution / Occupy Avsim movement, with Randazzo up on the guillotine... :gaul:.  

Guess it's now my turn to be up on the guillotine :gaul:

1. We're offering 5 euros off and a free 737 Global FO Voice set worth 20 Euros.  I regard that as a very good deal.  I am not going to apologize for that.

2. Converting to 64 bits take time.  Code needed to be rewritten, and we now have to maintain two separate installer packages, etc.  It's complex, and I'm not going to go into everything here. 

It's not just the time to convert code that needs to be factored in, you also need to factor the support costs over the life cycle of the product, which could easily go years and years into the future, especially since P3D likes to change things up every year and we need to release updated versions every year.  There will probably be a new version of P3D 64 every year for a long time.  And we have to support that.

The overwhelming majority of FS2Crew users are mature adults who can appreciate that complex, highly technical, highly niche market software that supports multiple platforms and architectures is time consuming and expensive to create, maintain and support.  This software is under 40 Euros.  It's half a tank of gas in my car.  It's not 4000 Euro software.

I'm sorry if some people don't appreciate that.  One thing I've learned in the flightsim business is you can never make everyone happy.  But fortunately the vocal minority is very much a minority.  

The P3D V4 verions of FS2Crew are selling very well.

People like our software.  And they're willing to support us into the future.


Here's some good news for you though:  UGCX and the 747 QOTS II version will support all platforms for one price.

This is not because I'm caving into pressure, it's because both products have been designed from the start to support P3D 64 bits.


This is my last comment on this subject.  My time needs to be focused on the 747 and UGCX (yet's UGCX is still alive, I received a new build last week :gaul: )

Hope that helps,



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