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  1. Hi Bryan, When FsLabs do finally release the SDK, will you provide an update which uses that without the workarounds for free? Thanks, John
  2. Absolutely delighted. Looks like they've done a fantastic job on Lisbon. Those wet runway & taxiway effects will be used a lot more in Dublin!
  3. You definitely should. ORBX ships with scenery files for the airports in Ireland and when you place it above Dublin it takes priority. I think the CVM_Ground (might be called something different) is where the problem lies with Aerosoft. You need to remove it from the folder. So with this solution you'll get the default runways and taxiways and most of buildings from Aerosoft. Let me know how you get on. I can share screenshots of my set up if you're having problems.
  4. I asked MK Studios on Facebook if they'd consider it and they said they are but it depends if they can get all the information, pictures and access they need. I asked if I could help but no reply. It would be so good if UK2000 or MK Studios did it. Incidentally, I was able to get the Aerosoft version working reasonably well by placing it below the ORBX Ireland scenery layers and removing the CVM_Ground.bgl from Aerosoft. It actually works well and looks ok except for the odd flickering texture. Definitely worth doing if you have ORBX and Aerosoft Dublin installed in P3D v4
  5. It always worked fine for me in P3D v3. With the move to v4 the ground textures weren't loading and the scenery was unusable. If you remove that BGL it is usable, for me at least. Finally I can start flying into/out of Dublin again! Aerosoft should have told us this in my opinion. Also indicates that there isn't much work involved to get this working in v4 - they just want to sell a new version to make money
  6. I was tinkering away with the scenery files, basically removing them one by one to see what effect they would have. If you remove cvxDUBLIN_GROUND.BGL from the scenery folder and place it somewhere safe then the airport looks a whole lot better than it does with it. The grass and taxiways aren't textured but you get the airport models and the scenery is usable. I slewed around and no problems really bar one or two flickering textures which I can personally live with. It will do for now until someone else does Dublin for P3D v4
  7. Would love someone other than Aerosoft to create a version of Dublin. The scenery was only OK and I find the support on their forums to be poor. Limesim obviously developed it outside the bounds of the SDK and that's why it's unusable in P3D v4. I'd love if UK2000 Scenery did it
  8. Excellent stuff, look forward to the video but I think I'll buy it anyway.Thanks for the info
  9. Yeah would like to see a video of this in use before purchasing. Also, I'm currently using Windows Xp but will be upgrading to Windows 7 in January. Will there be any problems with my license after this upgrade?Thanks
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