Engines keep going into the yellow

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I am using the guide that was posted elsewhere ( ) in these forums to fly the DC-6 without the flight engineer.  The issue is that in cruise I am seeing the engines going into the yellow (I am talking on the PMDG engine health page not in the aircraft) but can't figure out why.  I do notice the instructions below suggest cruise MP of 35 RPM of 2000 while the PMDG engineer moves the RPM up to 2300....I can't imagine this difference would cause engine damage.  I should also say that at cruise I do have the cowl flaps on the cruise setting.


*With brakes on, advance throttle to about 30 in of manifold 
pressure [2/3 throttle]. Turn on ADI system switches. *When 
final takeoff clearance received, Pilot calls out "Max power 
wet", and advances throttle to 59 in of manifold pressure, 
which should be about 2800 rpm and 242 BMEP (brake mean 
effective pressure (propeller torque) [full throttle]. CP 
calls out "Speed Alive" at the first jiggle of the airspeed 
indicator. Pilot has right hand on throttles and left hand on 
steering wheel until V1 in event of aborted takeoff. Rudder 
becomes effective around 60 kts.

As CP calls "V1", Pilot moves hands to control wheel, and 
*begins to pull back. *The plane should be airborne around V2. 
*Gear up when a positive rate of climb is indicated. *About V2 
+ 10, flaps to 10, at V2 + 15, flaps up. *METO power (max except 
takeoff) is set, 48 in manifold pressure, 2600 rpm, and 197 
BMEP [about 90% power]. Water off.

*Reduce throttle to Climb Power [80% throttle]. Climb speed 
should be about 155 kts at 500 fpm climb rate (freight runs)
[165 kts at 700-1000 fpm for passenger runs]. 


*Cruising speed at 8,000 ft should be set at 190 kts indicated 
(true airspeed is 220 kts), 35 in manifold pressure, 2000 rpm, 
and 155 BMEP. [This is a slow freight run; passenger runs 
should be set around 250-280 kts]. The plane will gain speed as it 
burns fuel. Typical cruising speed is 274 kts., maximum cruise 
is 285 kts. Never exceed speed (Vne) is around 326 kts. Lean 
the engines by peaking the BMEP indication and then reducing it 
by 12 BMEP [peak the EGT and reduce by 50 degrees].

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Foe the engines to go on yellow it means that you are doing something wrong. Do you have the notifications on? If you have you will get a messagge each time you are doing something wrong at the engines. .


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I actually turned those off, will try again with them on and see what is going on.

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Watch your temps, you didn't mention cowl flaps and they are a big deal.

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