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FSW aircraft from FSX help, Please?

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Hello Simmers

I am an old (too old now) Fsx user who recently bought FSW thru the current steam sale out of curiosity.

Hoping I could add to the aircraft list a bit with my Fsx addons I read in several places that these could be transferred with various success.

I have tried so far:  Carenado 337, the default Beaver FSX without success!  They don't even show on the FSW aircraft list at all?

I have placed the gauges, effects, etc. and added the additional lines in the aircraft cfg for each livery and the lines placed at the end in the tutorial.

I have installed some photo scenery successfully except for 'earth simulations'.  But I really wanted to get an amphibian to use?

Has anyone got any helpful ideas in this area, Please?  Thanks in advance...........

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FSX to FSW. So far, I have not been able to move aircraft successfully - even with the tutorial on Steam or YouTube.

I am hoping that somewhere along the line a utility will make this a relatively easy task.

It will be interesting to see how FSW pans out as an outstanding flight simulator.

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Open the aircraft.cfg with notepad
you will see several sections like this

title=Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Paint1
ui_type="C172SP Skyhawk"
ui_variation=" Blue, Gold"
ui_typerole="Single Engine Prop"
ui_createdby="Microsoft Corporation"
description="Cessna 172."

add the following at the end of each


you can change texture to texture.No where No is the number after texture=


(it makes the right thumbnail appear) but it's not essential.

Look for this section

[Reference Speeds]
flaps_up_stall_speed    = 53.0                  //Knots True (KTAS)
full_flaps_stall_speed  = 48.0                  //Knots True (KTAS)
cruise_speed            = 115.0                 //Knots True (KTAS)
max_indicated_speed     = 163                   //Red line (KIAS)

add the following after it.

[Other Reference]
range = 400 ; nautical miles
rate_of_climb = 960 ; feet per minute
takeoff_distance = 500 ; 50ft obstacle ;
landing_distance = 885 ; 50ft obstacle ;
ceiling = 19000 ; feet
fuel_capacity = 36 ; gallons
short_desc ="@IDS_SHORT_DESC_PA18"

[UI Strings]
engine_desc ="1 Lycoming O-320, 150 hp"
prop_desc ="Metal Design 74-DM-56"
crew_pass ="1 + 1"
short_desc ="@IDS_SHORT_DESC_PA18"
fuel_consumption_at_cruise= 6 //Estimated

[Fuel Defaults]
//Default fuel levels per tank 0 is empty, 1 is full
LeftMain = 1
RightMain = 1

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Thanks to all of you for your constructive suggestions.

@ torium

Thanks for this link I had not seen it before.  After reading it seems DTG are trying in a new update to make mods more difficult for us.  Sad news.

@ jcjimmy

Looks like I am not alone, but still trying.

@ paulkemp

I used everything you pointed out and checked it again but still no show just 7 DTG aircraft.

I'm still trying to get a float plane in just to fly backwoods Alaska and do water landings.

I'll be back.............

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It could be the plane you ae trying. Fs9 planes or payware that relies on 32bit dlls don't work. Download from the library and try an fsx default plane. They definitely still work in the latest version

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Thanks for all the more info you have supplied.

Sorry to not return earlier with good news but I am still banging my poor head against a concrete wall on this.  And it hurts!!!  I am almost really to give up the idea.  I can't fly any of them because none show up on the selection menu? I still can't believe it.  It's like fsw is not importing anything that not dtg aircraft period.  I haven't touched of the settings myself.  I must be missing something?

I have tried Carenado 337, fsx dch2 twice from scratch,  and the ants drifter with nothing?  I have:

Copied the aircraft folder into fsw airplane folder with the other fsw's.

Made sure the gauges are in the fsw gauge folder.

Edited the lines in the aircraft.cfg re liveries and added the text end group

So that's it, I'm at a standstill, hoping you might see something I missed, later.........and thanks again

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Its picky about fs9 planes a lot of which were sold as fsx. Try an fsx default plane using the .cfg from the download. The Goose or Beaver work really well.

This is what I have in:

aircraft.cfg   Taken from


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I am AIRBORNE!  Yippee!  

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I already had exactly the same folders you have so I figured it had to be the config.  I pasted your config in without checking anything, booted fsw but this time I crossed my fingers and there she was.

I was so happy I did the same thing for the goose and there she was too.  I'm on a role. 2 for 2.  Happy camper!

Thanks for being there and persevering with this old simmer.  I am getting too old for this. lol

See you in the skies, bye for now...........

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On 30/08/2017 at 5:01 AM, superdraw said:

Thanks to all of you for your constructive suggestions.

@ torium

Thanks for this link I had not seen it before.  After reading it seems DTG are trying in a new update to make mods more difficult for us.  Sad news.


Just a note - If Dovetail have changed something in FSW which breaks FSX compatability then thats probably because they've made it better and therefore whatever broke is no longer making the best use of FSW - this isn't sad - it's progress. I understand the frustration but we also want something better right otherwise we wouldn't have invested in the first place.

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