Strange things in VC POSKY 777

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Hi guys


I'm at a loss to what I am doing wrong here. Basically, I have got the POSKY 777-200 and POSKY 777-300. Both have various liveries installed on them.

The 777-200, albiet the white gauges at night, works fine. I can use it between dawn and dusk with no issues.

The -300, however, is a different story, and I can't get around why. There are strange, flickering things on the Gauges in the VC. I don't expect a lot from aircraft when I fly (I try to avoid Payware when possible), but this issue is just so annoying.

Things I have tried:

-Removing the Glass texture thing, as suggested elsewhere.

-Using the 777-200 panel in the 777-300

-Using the 777-200 VC textures in the 777-300

-I've downloaded practically as many 777-300s I can find. None of them have fixed this issue.

What confuses me the most, is this doesn't happen in the -200.

And then after all this, I try it in FSX SE, and the issue goes away! So looks like a P3D compatibility problem with something in the -300 (i'm no expert so correct me if I am wrong)


Any suggestions? Many thanks

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Hi Callum3242,

I am quite surprised that Posky aircraft work whatsoever in P3D.

Which version of P3D are you flying them in? (V1.x, V2.x, V2.x, V3.x or V4.x)

Kind regards,

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I've only seen problems with other aircraft reported as the result of installing a Posky.

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I would like to know the answer.  I moved to P3D v4 recently and as far as I know the POSKY 777 with the fantastic looking VC will NOT work at all in P3Dv4 - I have tried it too - because it is not a native FSX model.  The POSKY 777 native models do work fine in v4, however you are stuck with merging another vc, such as the default FSX 737-800 VC, which is a bit of a compromise.  My CS 777 also does not work in v4 as it has dll files tied to various key functions. No news yet on an update from CS.

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Hi guys - sorry, I should have said. I am currently on P3D v3.

And yes, I quite agree. The exteriors are fine but the VC is such a pain. What I can't get my head round is my issue only happens to the -200 and not the -300!!


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Sorry ^ other way round

I mean my issue is only in the -300 and NOT the -200.

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