Texture Morphing not Resolved With FreemeshX

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Hi, I really like Free Mesh X 2.0. However, I have experienced serious texture morphing issues as the land textures mixed with water and other landclass. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall orbx and FTX vectors but not helping. I would like to anyone can explain where I should place Freemeshx in the scenery libary. Currently I place it under Orbx airports and LC, but above Orbx Vector and default sceneries and cities. Please advise if this is correct.


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Texture morphing is present using all high-resolution meshs, not only Freemesh. It has been a major annoyance to me (and others) for several years now. I have invested many hours trying to eliminate it to no avail and finally thrown the towel. It is being said to be unavoidable within the FSX/ESP engine and I have to live with it. Fullstop.

As far as I know, the proper scenery order is:

3rd party scenery and airports (highest prio)

ORBX Airports (automatically arranged above ORBX Regions via running FTX Central 3)

ORBX Regions

Tongass Fjords (if installed)

Default Cities (Las Vegas...)

FTX Vector


Base Scenery (0000...)

FTX Vector AEC (lowest prio)

Default Scenery (BASE)

Default Terrain

The position of ORBX should be regulated via insertions points which you can set in FTX Central 3.

Kind regards, Michael

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Hi @nicboyGS

It shouldn't be severe texture morphing. Are you sure it's the mesh?

I had some wonky issues with the unified lclookup file that FTX Central modifies.

Maybe try the migration of this file once more in the tools section of FTX Central?


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Guys isn't texture morphing almost exclusively due to a terrain.cfg (a corrupted terrain.cfg) that is missing texture references therefore the sim tries to call and display a texture but there is no reference in the terrain.cfg to that texture therefore the sim substitutes one and it keeps trying therefore it switches between differing texture tiles?

FreeMeshX has absolutely nothing to do with texture morphing. It does however determine slope which then uses the lclookup to determine which texture to place on a particular spot due to slope and this is not a serious issue but sometimes as mesh comes into play (pops into focus) close to the plane it can cause a slight adjustment and place a specific texture on a redrawn slope.

Michaels listing is correct.

Your Orbx install has a backup terrain.cfg located in one of its support folders.

Some sceneries and UTX require their own entries into the terrain.cfg in order to display the scenery correctly as intended.

Get yourself over the Orbx support forums, search for "texture morphing" there are several posts that are detailed on how to solve the issues. Some might be pinned topics I can't recall.



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