Frustration with Lockheed Martin Support

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Please note I am not asking for anyone to provide support for the technical issue I encountered, rather I am sharing my frustration with LM support here.

After being a long time FSX user, in September I finally decided to make the jump to Prepare 3D and bought version 4. In FSX I  fly PMDG 737 NGX, and have Saitek Flight Sim Yoke, Saitek dual throttles and rudder pedals, and additionally use a game controller to move around the virtual cockpit.  Additionally I found Opus FSI camera does a  fantastic job of allowing one to move around the airplane with walkarounds, and set up many views of the virtual cockpit. All works great in FSX. I have never used FSUIPC to program controllers, never felt I needed to, just my preference. in theory all of this should transfer over to Prepare 3d with minimum of fuss.

After installing version 4, I immediately set to programming my controller key assignments and discovered to my dismay that I could not program my dual throttle controller setup because the button  numbers overlap and most were already taken by the yoke and first throttle. In essence it turns out, and this was verified by another P3D user with similar set up that in at least P3D versions 3 and 4, all attached controller assignments map to one single page or list of assignments. In FSX however, each controller gets its own page to map assignments to so they do not overlap. That is to say one can easily directly program dual throttle setup within FSX directly. The FSX option is much more flexible for connecting controllers directly and programming them via the FSX interface.

For me this is a big issue and I am surprised more folks are not affected by it. Also seems like it would be easy to change in the coding, and could only improve the situation for those who program their controllers using the P3D interface. As it turns out, Opus FSI cannot read key assignments from FSUIPC, so even if I purchased FSUIPC and programmed my controllers using that interface, I could not use OPUS FSI for my cameras and I would thus have to purchase EX DOK, learn that program go through the agony of making a new set of camera views etc. I do not want to do any of that.

After figuring this out and detailing the issues for P3D forum moderators one responded and asked for certain files to be sent to them, and they would look into it. Sounded promising. I did what they asked.

And that is where my frustration with LM Tech support started. This was  back in September. Since then no response at all from LM on this issue. I have reposted on the  thread I started in LM tech support forum asking where we stand on this. Although the moderators are in the forum, they ignore me. I private messaged both the person who responded to me and head moderator. I have been polite and asking reasonable questions about what to  expect on the issue.  No response, just ignored me. By my books that is rude and demeaning to treat customers this way. And I do not think their answering is asking too much in terms of customer support. In retrospect  this controller programming issue  has been hinted at multiple times in the forums over the life of P3D, but the basis for the problem has not been clearly elucidated as in my post, but this suggests others are affected as well.

I had no choice but to uninstall the program and take the refund, but it looks like I will not be enjoying the wonders of P3D anytime soon if ever.


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Have you tried FSUIPC? Maybe you can use it to map your requirements.


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30 minutes ago, greg100o said:

I could not use OPUS FSI for my cameras and I would thus have to purchase EX DOK, learn that program go through the agony of making a new set of camera views etc. I do not want to do any of that.

Did you research ChasePlane?  A flexible, intuitive, and easy-to-use camera app.  Programming cameras is a cinch, takes seconds and works fluidly and reliably.  Check it out.  I don't work for or with the developers... I'm just a very satisfied customer. 

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I find this post odd in that I have Saitek and I don't see this issue in Prepar3D v1, v2, v3, or v4.  That is concerning.

In v4's Options\Key Assignments there is a dropdown-list titled Controller that allows you to select which controller you are assigning controls to.  

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Since the OP has expressed his displeasure with LM tech support, returned the product and stated he is not asking for any help here - I see no need to continue. Should he wish to actually explore some of the options presented we can easily unlock it.


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