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16 hours ago, Victoroos said:

Nice.  I visited EHAM last year when I was on a European tour.  Although I have flown into EHAM once, on a British Caledonian BAC111 in 1984, I went to the airport a couple of times last year because I was staying at an Airport Hotel, a Radisson, and I wanted to take the train into Central Amsterdam.  However there was no direct route from the airport then so I had to change trains coming and going.  A very nice Dutch man helped guide me to my connecting train so I would not lose time waiting for the connection.  Central Amsterdam has wonderful food and architecture, the train station itself is a great example of architecture.  And having the trains underneath the airport concourse is a real convenience whatever direction one is going in.  Amsterdam Schipol has a great indoor mall, good ground transportation, and of course for aircraft spotting it can't be beat.  I did find the hoteliers there a little bit rude though and since I managed several hotels I had to tell them off at the Radisson when they would not give my tour group an early departure breakfast.  We only had 15 minutes for breakfast before our departure thru Belgium for our Calais ferry back to England.  I remarked that that ferry was the largest ship I had ever been on, it had food courts, shopping and lots of room for cars and passengers.  It was fun watching the cars and trucks get loaded, and inbound to Paris from Calais I would see many British cars navigating the motorway with their right hand drive.  Again, nice post, thank you for sharing a nice memory from last year for me.  Calais has strict security due to the many foreigners who try to sneak into France for jobs.  The route out is surrounded by barbed wire until one gets to the WWII battlefields and memorials, then the countryside in France is quite nice with gentle hills and greenery which someone like me from Phoenix does not see much of.  I found the French very nice people as long as one welcomes them with a Bonjour, they even threw a birthday party for me when I was visiting Bordeaux with my group.


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