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Bridge Crew Experience: TNG!!! - Any users in here?

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I just got hands on Bridge Crew with TNG DLC.  It is simulation related to a degree - it has flight controls to control the Enterprise 🤣

First of all let me tell you about the experience:  OMG!!!!!

Waited all my childhood to be on the bridge of the Enterprise - whether it is TOS or TNG.  Now, I can do both.

VR will make gaming surreal.  I mean with Occulus touch, it makes my hands show up.  I mean what is surreal is that my brain thinks the panel is right there.  Infact it is only in VR but the way I touch the panels in VR, feels like real time. 


Piloting is challenging especially when Borgs on your tail.  But being on the Enterprise is a dream come true.  I could write 20 pages over here on Avsim, on just the experience of being on the Bridge only.


But I am curious if we got get simmers on here to meet online and play Bridge Crew.  It is super challenging to play and one needs a team to play this game.  Now, I finally get to realize the challenges that Picard and or Kirk felt at times lol 😋


This is a dream for all Star Trek Nerds....I assume many simmers are Star Trek nerds.  (I dislike the reboot period....so it tells what type of Star Trek nerd I am).


On Flight Simulation Side: Has anyone done VR multiplayer PMDG 737 Flights? like one person is Captain and other is First officer.  I really want to experience that too but Bridge Crew you get to see the other person's avatar....that alone is insane.


We need to get Avatars in flightsim cockpits in VR, that way we can see the other player too.

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Your enthusiasm shines through, it looks a little more combat orientated than Star Trek TNG actual was.  Did you ever play a game called Bridge Commander, it had a vast array of mods that really did capture the Star Trek feel?  Personally, i always felt that No Mans Sky would have benefited from being a Star Trek themed game.

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Thanks for the video.  Seeing it in video and VR is well no words.

Trekkies...this experience is a must....

in TNG ship, I choose Tactical (Because this is where Worf stands)...stand up and reset the view.  Now I get standing experience.  This is the only place where you can do this.

What was super cool is when Borgs attacked my ship, I ran out...but my systems were infected by Borg Virus...it was so cool to see the panels, and one of the science stations behind Tactical command (Worf's Spot) was damaged, 

The main developer loves TNG, and the team did an outstanding job in creating TNG Bridge.  Sense of scale, graphics are amazing.  

As VR improves, I hope the game keeps on improving.


I just want Diplomacy missions!!!! though I did Koyabashi Maru simulation and lost to Klingons.  I can not find a way to mod the game files so that I can win.


Yes, everyone in avsim can now see how big Trekkie I am.  



In Fall, I hope to try out Aerofly 2.  VR in simulation is amazing, it just we need super fast frame rates at all times.


Whether it is space simulation or aviation - VR is game changer period


PS - When I went to the Original TOS, it feels just like when Scotty visits the old bridge in TNG episode Relics.  Wow!!! get to experience it today...in high fidelity.

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