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Testing AS Lukla

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You probably have seen many times shots of Lukla, often cited as the most dangerous airport in the world. I had AS Lukla for a while, but never really got to try it, spent 15 minutes today taking off from Lukla RWY24 and touching down at a nearby airstrip. The sloping Lukla RWY caused my Twin Otter to start rolling down the moment the brake was off (well-modelled since the FSX default Lukla is unflyable). I survived the 1st takeoff...cannot imagine how these Nepalese pilots do it for real on a daily basis! Please excuse my Nature Air livery in which I fly my AS Twin Otter a lot (need to get a regional airline-livery for Lukla here).













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🙂...Thanks. I do not think that would be acceptable even in this part of the world (especially with a Costa-Rican registration number)!

Seriously speaking, I thought the same. It's actually supposed to be VNSB (Syngboche) airfield. Not sure why it looks like this...do not think it's an artifact from my set-up or/and textures issues...will investigate.

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