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Steve Dra

At the right angles....

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You can't deny, regardless of any abnormalities the new PBR technology has brought the P3d world (hopefully to be addressed as we mature with the medium), at some angles and with the metal tweaked as best as a 15 year painting veteran can do, some shots take your breath away!

At this angle, when taxiing off the runway and seeing that yellow centerline dancing on the fuse...it is a sight to behold! 



(PS - Eastern is in the pipeline too for fans of that great airline)

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Steve Dra

Download my paints here at Avsim by clicking here


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Nice work, Steve!  Exciting times for our sim hobby.

Doug Miannay

M1mhPJG.png 1BV5Kt7.jpg

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Your a star Steve a real class act.

I really wish you would do a Spanish airline 😞

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David Murden.  P3D v4.5  FSL A320 A319 : PMDG NGu / 748PMDG NG / 747-/ 777 : QW 787 :  Maddog MD-80 :Q400 :   DCS: AV-8B Harrier: :  F-14B Tomcat  : F-16C Viper F/A-18C Hornet 

My FSL Walkthrough PDF From GPU to Parked.     My PMDG NG SpotLight Profile/Mod.

PC 4790k@4.6 : 1070 : 16GB DDR3 RAM : Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS: Thrustmaster TPR.

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