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VRinsight - CDU III P3D v4 Configuration

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4 hours ago, kennedy2125 said:

Michael you are a Legend my friend!!

Thank you so much for the guide you provided.  It worked a treat.  I had a few hiccups along the way which were purely self inflicted so it took me a little longer to get running but it now works flawlessly.  The CDU_Screeen edit also works perfectly too.

One thing to add for any CDU III user is that you need to do exactly the same in the CDU III config file as you do in the CDU II config file otherwise it wont find your aircraft.  Other than that Michales guide is perfect.

Many many Thanks Michael

Glad i could help .Love the CDUII 

Michael Moe

Michael Moe




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This has nothing to do with VR. VRinsite are a cockpit hardware company like goflight. This needs moving to the hardware forum please.

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So I was able to get My CDU to work but I cant seem to get the screen to  align with the LSK buttons. any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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After some missteps along the way I got the CDUII to work fine with the NGXU,

But I have absolutely no luck with the VRSim overhead,  Has anyone had any success with the VRInsight overhead panel working with the PMDG NGXu?

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1 hour ago, chm said:

Has anyone had any success with the VRInsight overhead panel working with the PMDG NGXu?

You can get all the buttons working by using the Key-mapper software they supply on their website using the FSUIPC

control ID's. The lights do not work. I contacted VRinsight and Aerosoft (their UK distributor) to ask if they would update 

the driver - but no luck. VRinsight said they would need new hardware to cope with 64bit, but that is just an excuse 

because it all worked fine with the NGX on P3Dv4 which was also 64bit. Aerosoft didn't want to know. So unless

some other bright spark can modify the driver or write a LUA script, I don't think it will ever work properly with the NGXu.

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Thanks for your reply.  I thought at one point I had found a posting here by someone that said that they had got it to work but I must have dreaming lol.

I did find a posting here that got the VRInsight CDU to work by editing the original 737 NGX VRInsight script.  After messing around with it I got that to work.  But I cannot find anything like that concerning the VRInsight overhead.  I like you have it working fine with the 737NGX   but not the 737Ngxu.  So the 64bit excuse is just that ...an excuse.  

I have gotten alot of use and enjoyment out of that overhead panel. As you know that panel is not exactly  cheap by any means and I hate to give it up.  So I am back to using the original PMDG 737 NGX.

I saw also that LUA has an interface software for it.  I guess I may try that route.

VRInsight site does not support their original drivers any more apparently.  Their hardware is not exactly cheap  and their site does not post that the V737 overhead does not work with the PMDG 737NGXu.  


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Hello everyone,

i read the discription to make the CDU 2 work with PMDG 737 NGXu but i doesn´t work.

It must be a problem on my side, but i don´t know how to fix.

Is FSUIPC full version required? 

I think it would be easiest if someone shared the files with and instructed me to install them. 

A PM would be very welcome.

Regards from Hamburg


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