Damage Mod v2.0 for Flight1's BN-2 Islander RELEASED!

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Hello everyone!

I am excited to announce you the imminent release of the version 2.0 of my Damage Mod for the Flight1's BN-2 Islander!

A few bugs fixed, an interface with FSCaptain, and last but not least, COMPATIBILITY with P3Dv4 of the WHOLE Islander (except the KLN90a). Cockpit sounds are back and no more never-ending rumbling sound! (thx to Bert Pieke and DJJose).

The following systems will wear out and will be inflicted damage in case of improper use :
- engines
- generators
- propellers
- flaps
- flaps motor
- flight controls
- autopilot
- vacuum
- pitot tubes
- brakes
- structural deicing (the corresponding switch is added to the virtual cockpit)
- landing lights

Extra features :
- avionics dying if on when engine starts
- blown tires in case of hard landing
- foul spark plug if engine runs at low rpm and rich mixture for too long, (rpm drop during mag dead-cut test simulated)
- engine dies in case of quick throttle movement with fuel pump off
- sluggish engine response to throttle input with cold engines
- door lock and alarm

So stay tuned!


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What a wonderful mod Rémi! Are you planning to do this for any other piston engined aircraft? Or perhaps a general one that could provide things like spark plug fouling on to most aircraft?

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Hello ckyliu!

Thank you for the kind words.

No other aircraft is planned for a Damage Mod on my side. But I would be glad to help anyone who'd like to adapt it to his/her own prefered airplane.

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I was following this activity since FSX so I'm more than happy that you will provide this for actual P3D version !

Thank you !


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The file has been approved!

Please find it here :

As always, feedback will be much appreciated!

Enjoy, and fly safe,


PS : The TF-VEJ livery is included in the package


A special thanks to Flight1 crew who very kindly allows me to publish modified MDLs!

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I note there is a Flight1 model for FSX and a Black Box version for P3Dv4

Apply to both models?


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Hello xxd09!

As the thread title suggests, this mod was created for Flight1’s Islander.

The gauges might work for the BlackBox rendition, but you would have to readapt all the config files. The package is all set up and tailored for the Flight1 version.


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actual flying in Denmark and it works perfect.

This brings the good old Islander back in active service 👍


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