Rudder control efficiency, and yawing moments

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Yesterday, after a very long hiatus, I decided to buy a 1 month license and installed P3Dv4.4...

All was great until I picked two props, single, than a few more multi, all default aircraft, and making sure the "Realism" options were all set to full right, and auto-rudder was not enabled, I took off in the Rockwell 114...

The takeoff run was as straight as a train would move along a non-curved line... Not even the slightest prop effect was felt, which felt really strange. Once airborne I noticed I had practically no rudder authority too ( ? )

I was using my ELITE HW Throttle Quad and GNS modules, with proper drivers that install a free license of FSUIPC, but I don't think it had anything to do with it


Any hints ?

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even with vanilla controllers ( ELITE HW now out of the loop... ) I continue to experience a TOTAL LACK of prop effects in the default prop aircraft that come with P3D v4.4

It's down to "ridiculous"... I can takeoff with the Rockwell 114 full power without even touching the rudder, and:

.) autorudder not enabled

.) Realism FULL right all sliders

.) A/P not engaged 

Inflight it's just the same - alternating between full power and idle not noticeable at all in terms of prop effects... No beta, no nothing ???

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Even that one, can't compare to what it used to feel on previous versions ...

Did anything change that I wasn't aware with the latest versions of P3D v4 regarding prop effects ?  Were these tuned down / zeroed on purpose ?

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4 hours ago, Branimir said:

Have you tried A2A C172?

Nope, I don't own it, but I do believe good payware prop aircraft probably get around whatever tamed out so intensively the prop effects, at least in P3D 4.4 default props...

But that's also my point in asking. Can owners of these add-ons confirm they do behave as supposed ? Do you notice that they started showing less prop effects with 4.4 ?

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Not sure what's up with your rudder effect, as I have lot's of rudder authority in stock aircraft. As far as P-factor or torque, the Commander appears to have none, the Extra 300, Husky, Cub, and to a lesser degree the Mooneys exhibit P-factor. Not sure what's up with your lack of rudder authority, which I assume means that if you input hard rudder you don't see aircraft yaw, or see the slip indicator move from center.

I can't comment on P-factor differences between P3Dv4.4 and earlier versions as I almost never fly default aircraft, so I don't remember what it was like before 4.4.


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indeed from external views, full rudder pedal input gives not much of an actual rudder deflection on these aircraft, irrespective of IAS / TAS - hence why I refered to the low effectiveness of teh rudder.

Then, as you also acknowledged, aicraft like the Rockwell 114 have no prop effeccts ( at least p-factor which should be minimal in it's case during the takeoff run because the prop disk isn't actually at any significant angle to the relative airflow... and slipstream effects, but also engine/prop torque ) and that is really surprising.

I remember the Husky did exhibit more prop effects on previous version of the simulator though.

Wonder if anything was "cut" in the records for prop effects, or if it's a core thing ? Strange that I see no others complaining about it, and that's why I thought it might be something wrong on my side, but your observation about the 114 comproves it isn't just me :-/

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