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A Case for Flying with VR Controls in X-Plane

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Though this specifies X-Plane I believe the basic point is relevant in other sims as well.

Video by Eric Anderson


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Well, I'm saving for Brunner controls for my rig, so I guess I'll get a more realistic feedback than most. but we're talking $3,500 for all I need. So comparing cost vs tactile realism, its subjective!


I just sold all my Sim Rig  metalwork and seat components so am designing up a new one. Should be ready for Winter. All made from sheet alloy cut with a water jet. Seat converts from light aircraft style to an ejector seat replica, just with sides and trim. Front panel has inlaid switch panel and MFCD units, and a TPM goes onto the side. Panel moves fore and aft on rails rather than seat. Seat is adjustable in rake and height with pins. Side panels can come and go, to mount side stick, (L or R), throttles Lor R) and full fast jets sides so you have to climb in. 


I plan on taking it to Air Cadet days with DCS and at the Flying Club in Cessna setup. 

Key is the Brunner Pedals, Yoke, and Joystick base. All designed on Autodesk. So should it actually work out ok, the files can be used to make more. At $100 a 7'x4' sheet it will be one each of 3mm, 2mm and 1.5mm of alloy. Seat base and back will rivet together and the rest is all nutsert threaded rivets and bolt together. 


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