REX Environment Force: Full Review & Opinion!

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A very thorough review that answers most of the basic questions about REX EF.

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Thank you. That confirmed that I won't be buying the product but it was an interesting idea nonetheless.

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+1 , great review and covers the product E2E, I bought it and I am happy with it so far

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Thank you, very much.

This answered most of my questions about this new product.

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The maker of the review forgot to tell that when using expressions in PTA/TS you also have a Dynamic Environment .

And ASP4 + ASCA already had different cloud texture sets in every flight by using Full Dynamics. And when using ASCA + EnvShade you also could have different sky sets each flight.

The REX team now has the same features plus some extra, which is good for the Flightsim community.

And other developers wil follow and add also new features.

So 2019 is a good Fs year 😎

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