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Question:  I read the FAQs and can't find my issue listed here, or I just don't understand something.


Post a question in the support forum.  Do not suffer in silence.  Don't spend 6 hours trying to solve a problem that we can probably solve in 30 seconds.  Speak out!  There's no such thing as a dumb question at FS2Crew.  This stuff is complex...we know that!


Question:  There is no "Enable FS2Crew" entry in the Config Manager.  It's missing.


The latest version of the Config Manager on the server should solve this issue.

It will allow you to manually point to your panel.cfg's path if it can't find your panel.cfg file.


Question:  The FS2Crew Config Option AUTO DOOR CONTROL is INOP.


We had to remove auto door control for now as it could cause pressurization problems.  You must control the doors manually or allow the FSLabs/GSX to control the doors for the time being.


Question:  The After Landing flow does not trigger.


Ensure your ground speed is below 25 knots and the speedbrake is disarmed.


Question:  The Checklist appears to be stuck.  The phrase appeared in the Green Bar and I'm in the right mode as shown on the FS2Crew Main Panel.




Question:  The Config Manager says I'm using FSX, but I'm using P3D.


You probably put a fake FSX.exe in your P3D folder to trick certain scenery installers.  That's confusing our Config Manager.  Temporarily remove the FSX.exe.


Question:  I'm too lazy to read the manual 🙂  What are the key assignments.


Toggle FS2Crew Main Panel = AUTOFEATHER ARM /OFF


Button Control Specific:

Main Button (to advance Checklists) = ALTERNATE STATIC SOURCE (ON/OFF)

Secondary Button (to trigger items on the right part of the main pane) = PROPELLER SYNC (ON/OFF)

Voice Control Specific:



*Yes, they share the same assignments.  That's not a typo!


Question:  I'm stuck in a checklist and I don't have the manual with me and I forget the expect checklist response in Voice Control.


Speak: "SET AND CHECKED" to advance.


Question:  I'm stuck in the Flight Controls Check procedure.


The flight controls check can be a bit tricky because it's dependent on your hardware calibration in order to hit the trigger points.

Not only that the FSLabs is very non-standard internally which makes things more sporty for us when it comes to "reading" where everything is.

Ensure you perform the check in this specific order:


  1. ELEVATOR FULL UP (move joystick back)....  PM speaks: "FULL UP"
  4. AILERON LEFT... PM Speaks: "FULL LEFT".


  1. RUDDER LEFT... PM Speaks: "FULL LEFT". 

If you still get stuck:

Button Control: Use the Arrow on the Main to manually advance forward..

Voice Control: Speak: "TAXI PROCEDURE PLEASE".


Question:  I own FS2Crew NGX Reboot and the PMDG 47 QOTS II version.  Do I need to re-assign any controls?


No, you don't.  The key assignments are unchanged.  If you own these products, you will already be familiar with the interface system.  Your job will be to learn the speech phrases and flows.


Question:  Does FS2Crew save my Config Settings?


Yes it does.  Be sure to remember that because it'll even save things the Single Engine Taxi option.  Be mindful of this for your future flights.


Question:  The PM doesn't turn on the fuel pumps during his cockpit setup flow.


He doesn't, because setting up the overhead is the PF's job.  

See the flows:



Question:  I'm an experienced FS2Crew user.  I don't need the manuals.   All I need to know are the flows.


Click this link.  Everything follows this.



Question:  I cannot see the FS2Crew Main Panel in the FSLabs Airbus, or all I see is a black rectangle.


1. Ensure your 2D Window Transparency slider in P3D is not set to full.  If it's set to full, your 2D windows will be see through!

2. Assign AUTOFEATHER ARM/OFF in the P3D Controls Assignments menu to the "N" key.   N works well based on our experience.

You can test if your key assignment is the problem by opening the FS2Crew Main Panel manual via:


3. Ensure you "Enabled" FS2Crew via the FS2Crew FSLabs Configurator, which should be on your desktop. It will add the FS2Crew entries to the FS Lab's Panel.cfg files.

If you re-installed or updated the Airbus host aircraft, you will need to run the FS2Crew Config Manager again and re-enable FS2Crew because the update will wipe the FS2Crew entries off the Airbus panel.cfg files.

4. Re-install FS2Crew but ensure your anti-virus is excluding the P3D folder.  Sometimes anti-virus programs can nuke critical files.

5. There's a chance another 3rd party program added their gauges to the panel.cfg, and messed up the window order numbering in the process.

This can sometimes be an issue with the VoxATC and the ActiveSky weather gauge, and their installers can sometimes mess-up the panel.cfg file window numbering.

Open the panel.cfg file for your select model with notepad and look for out of place window numbering.

The easiest solution is just to re-install the FS Labs aircraft again.  That will give you a fresh, new panel.cfg for FS2Crew to work with.


Question: How do I turn on Voice Control?


The first time you load FS2Crew, the simulation will be in Button Control mode.  To activate Voice Control:

1. Open the FS2Crew Main Panel.

2. Press the SEC Button to open the Secondary Panel. 

3. Press the CFG Button.

4. Select SETUP.

5. On the CONFIG - SETUP page, click LSK 1 to change the interface to Voice Control.

Remember: Your speech recognizer must be set to English-US or you will remain in Button Control mode.

Your setup needs to look like the 3rd picture from the top.




Question: The Airbus is acting weird.


This isn't really an FS2Crew issue, but we thought we'd remind everyone anyway.  We highly recommend that you not use saved flight files.  This rule generally applies to all high end 3rd party aircraft, not just the FSLabs.  Saved flight files can introduce odd behavior into the aircraft. 

We always recommend that the first aircraft visible on the Free Flight Screen in P3D be a default aircraft.

You should then manually select the FS Labs Airbus.

After the Airbus loads, use the stock FS Labs panel state files which you can load via the MCDU.


Question: The crew does not announce the actual runway I'm on in the Before Takeoff Checklist.  He just says "Confirmed".


It's not 100 percent necessary to have for FS2Crew, but for that specific callout to work, you need to own the unlocked version of RAAS.  FS2Crew is pulling the necessary runway data out of RAAS to generate the call.

Again, if you don't own RAAS, it's no problem.  You just wont hear the actual runway number for the Runway Confirmation challenge.





You must have the very latest version of RAAS installed!  Check your version number!


Question: Which models does FS2Crew for the FSLabs Airbus support?


A320, A319 and A321, CFM and IAE versions.

P3D V4 Only!

Button and Voice Control.


Question: What does CM1 and CM2 mean?  I've never seen that before in the FS2Crew Main Panel.


Crew Member 1 and Crew Member 2.  Basically, left / right seat.  You can select your seat in FS2Crew.  This is a new feature.


Question: I watched an Airbus cockpit video on YouTube and it's a little bit different from FS2Crew.


FS2Crew modeled the procedures, callouts and SOPs word for word, to the letter, straight out of the latest Airbus FCOM

The guys in those videos are not necessarily following Airbus word for word like we do.


Question: Why is there only 1 SOP - stock Airbus?


Most of the world's Airbus operators are moving toward adopting stock Airbus SOPs rather than going off and doing their own thing.  This really reduces training costs and helps ensure everyone is on the same page, especially when dealing with multi-national crews.

So we stuck to the stock OEM Airbus procedures, but we added multiple user options based on feedback from real-world Airbus pilots (and users) to give you a degree of customization and flexibility within the program.



Question: I can't say "Set Speed XXX" or "Set Altitude XXX" or "Set Heading XXX".


Due to technical limits, we cannot currently set values in the Speed, Heading and Altitude window in the FCU (autopilot panel).

Hopefully FSLabs will release an SDK so we can add this functionality.

However, as a reminder:  The Airbus is meant to be flown with the autopilot on (Airbus Golden Rule: Use the appropriate level of automation), and when the autopilot is on only the Pilot Flying is allowed to touch the FCU.

So you wouldn't be asking the PM to set the FCU anyway in most cases.


Question: The PM stopped pressing a lot of buttons (typically the flat square ones).


Check your mouse macro assignments setup screen on the Secondary Panel.  Whenever P3D is updated (the main sim, not the aircraft), you need to re-assign the Mouse Macro IDs because their ID's will change.  It's about a 4 minutes job to create new IDs.


Question:  The Pilot Monitoring is performing his 10,000 foot flow at well over 30,000 feet.


Your FS units of measurement need to be set to FEET, not METERs.


Question:  There are many user options in this program.  What do they mean?


Please consult the Main OPS Manual.


Question:  How do I enable the FS2Crew night panel lighting?


Twist the Captain INTEG light switch to greater than 50 percent.


Question:  Where are the Cabin PAs?


Since the FSLabs has built-in Cabin PAs, there was no point in adding FS2Crew Cabin PAs that would conflict with their PAs.  Having two sets of Cabin PAs playing at the same time would not be good!


Question:  In other FS2Crew's I could play a Approach and Departure Brief.  But in this Airbus version I can't.  There's no "Play" button on the Brief Pages.


We thought long and hard about this.  An Airbus briefing done in accordance with the Airbus FCOM is a fairly complicated brief that involves basically reading numbers off the various screens in the MCDU.

We could not accurately simulate that in the program, and on a practical level, listening to large quantities of spliced together numbers becomes irritating very quickly.  

So what we did is added the items you would touch on on the Approach and Dep Brief pages, so you can still cover the bases easily.


Question: Where are the manuals?


Right here: www.support.fs2crew.com

They are also available via the Config Manager.


Question:  I get no headset audio, or I'm losing my audio.


1. Uninstall your current audio drivers via the Windows Control panel, and re-start your system.  You want to use the Microsoft "Realtek" drivers.  Sometimes, custom audio drivers can cause this issue.

2. In Windows Sound options, uncheck the option that allows programs to take "exclusive" control of your audio device.

3. Update your audio drivers.

4. Be mindful of not switching rapidly between full screen and windowed mode.

5. Open the Windows "Volume Mixer".  Ensure the "Applications" slider is not muted.

6. Use a USB headset rather than one that plugs into the jack in your sound card. You don't need a fancy one.  A $20 generic one will do.

7. Ensure your USB port is not going to SLEEP.  This can especially be a problem if using a USB hub.

Also, the 2018 Windows Spring Update appears to add new "privacy" options for your microphone that, if enabled, can turn off your microphone. 

See this thread for more info:


Question:  How do I install the English - US language pack in Windows 10?  I tried, but English - US is not visible in the 'Language' drop down menu.


1. Go to Settings > Time & language > Region & language.

3. Select the language you want to use from the list (ENGLISH)
4. Choose which region's version you want to use (ENGLISH - US).   
5. Left click on the English US language set, and a new menu should appear.  Then you must click 'OPTIONS' and then click 'DOWNLOAD' under the 'SPEECH ' category.
6. Reboot your computer and go to the 'ADVANCED SPEECH OPTIONS' page in the Control panel.
7. English - US should now be visible in the Language drop down menu.
8. Don't forget to train your voice!


Question: I'm running Windows 10.  The system is not hearing my voice.


Uninstall Asus Sonic Studio, Asus Sonic Radar and Asus Studio 3 if you have them installed.  You don't need their bloatware. That solved it for one user.  Another user had an audio program called Nahimic running on his laptop.  Exiting that software prior to loading FS solved the issue for him.

If using a laptop, you may need to disable your built in mic on the laptop in order for your headset mic to be detected.

In your Windows "Power Options", ensure that "USB Selective Suspend Setting" is Disabled.

Make sure you're using the Green Bar (DSP on the FS2Crew Main Panel).  You need to be able to 'see' what the Speech Recognition system is "hearing".



Question:  The Config Manager will not load.


1. Something on your system is conflicting.  Delete and Reinstall the Riva Tuner Statistics Service.  That worked for one user.

2. Try running a Windows system scan:



Question:  The Config Manager crashes.


Repair your .Net files by re-downloading .Net via this link:


Also try scanning your system for errors.


Question:  I'm flying as the Pilot Monitoring, and I'm having issues.


This version of FS2Crew allows users to be the PM from takeoff to landing.

For this to work, you cannot have any crosswind on the runway during takeoff because the PF cannot hold the centerline by himself, and the flight must be fully managed (max automation).

You need to do an autoland everytime because we can't make the virtual PF hand fly.

Be prepared to intervene though as required.  

Remember that the simulated Pilot Flying cannot "see" the world the way you can.


Question:  Do I have to run the Pre Flight Events?  And if I run it, how do I fast forward the time.


The Pre-Flight events are optional, and you can fast forward the time by "right clicking" the down arrow on the FS2Crew Main Panel, or pressing the LSK key on the Pre-Flight page on the Secondary Panel.  Note that you cannot fast forward the time down while a flow is being performed.


Question:  I don't like waiting (for about 3 minutes) during the SAFETY EXTERIOR INSPECTION.


There's a Config option not to run it.


Question:  The PM is controlling the right MCDU a lot during pre-flight.


In order to control the GPU and chocks, FS2Crew needs to go through the MCDU menu that offers door control (we use the right MCDU).  If you've elected to be CM2 and you're flying from the right seat, be mindful of this when running the Pre-Flight events.  You may want to use the left MCDU during this time, or you may elect to control the GPU yourself (there's a config option for this).


Question:  The 'Pre-Engine Shutdown' flow at Gate arrival is not triggering.


The necessary conditions for the trigger are:

1. Taxi light off (that is probably what you're missing)

2. Descent Mode activated in FS2Crew.

3. Parking Brake on.



Question:  During his pre-flight flow, the FO is starting the APU way too early for my liking.


Again, we modeled this version of FS2Crew straight out of the Airbus manuals.  While Airbus is not always 100 percent prescriptive, we modeled the FCOM/QRH/FCTM to the letter as best could.

If you want the APU to start later (which is not an uncommon practice to save fuel), a Config Option is available that allows you to start the APU manually whenever you desire.


Question:  The securing aircraft flow goes on for a very long time.


Yes, it's a long flow.  The PM will wait for 2 minutes prior to turning off the batteries.


Question:  How did I perform a Visual Pattern (touch and go training)


Select "Visual Pattern" for the APPROACH TYPE on the APPROACH BRIEF PAGE.

Takeoff using Config 2.

Perform all checklists as normal.

Fly the pattern using Flaps 1 (do not retract the flaps fully).

When you're ready to make a full stop landing, select the Approach Type back to ILS on the APPROACH BRIEF PAGE while on downwind.

Speech commands that would be useful doing a Visual Pattern in Voice Control:










The above 3 voice commands are experimental.  Due to current technical limits, we can't set them as accurately as we'd like since we can't currently read the value for Speed and Hdg and Altitude in the FCU.


Question:  The After Start flow doesn't trigger in Voice Control:


Required Triggers:

"Starting Engine 1" spoken and detected <--- That's what you're probably missing.  Ensure it's showing up in the Green Bar.

Mode: After Start Checklist

Engine Mode Selector back to NORM.



Question:  The Before Takeoff flow doesn't trigger in Voice Control:


Required Triggers:

Mode: Below the Line (Before Takeoff)

Nose light: Takeoff Position  <--- That's what you're probably missing.


Question:  The PM calls "Rotate" way too early, along with other items.


You need to manually enter the Rotation Speed, Thrust Reduction Altitude, Cruise Altitudes, etc., on the DEPARTURE BRIEF page in FS2Crew.

Transfer that information from the MCDU.

We cannot read that information out of the MCDU, so you have to plug it into FS2Crew.


Question:  The PM is not clearing RAD NAV properly.


This one is a bit hit and miss due to technical limits.  The PM will press the CLR button on the MCU and attempt to clear the Navaid, but if there's already a text message in the scratchpad, he'll just clear the text message.

You'll want to double check that the PM was able to successfully clear the Rad Nav page.


Question:  I'm doing a Packs Off Takeoff off and getting a Master Caution when the Pack 2 comes on.


That's just a bug in the Labs itself.  It comes on too quick.  FS2Crew is following the correct procedure and waiting 10 seconds prior to restoring the 2nd pack.


Question:  While flying the PM tutorial, the PF does not announce "flare" and "thrust idle" on landing.


As the PM, you should call those out.  If doing an autoland, the viz would be very low, and the PF would have his head out the window while your head is down.


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Hi. Thank you for your work on this. 👍

Two questions:

1. I did a packs off takeoff (and set packs off in the departure brief) but the PM did not turn the packs odd during the lineup as per the flow. Can you advise?

2. In other versions of FS2Crew you can ask the PM to set the squawk code. He seems to understand the command (green bar) but takes no action. Can this be implemented?

Thank you.

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You probably forgot to trigger the Before Takeoff Flow:

1. Nose light to Taxi.

2. Mode = BELOW THE LINE  (Before Takeoff)



However, there's a Config option (PACKS OFF B.TO CHECKLIST) that allows you to set the Packs Off during the Packs challenge, not during the flow, in the Before Takeoff checklist Below the line.

PM says: "Packs".

You reply "Off" -even though they're on - and the PM will set them off.

This is commonly done in Asia where it it can be so hot that you want to keep the packs on till the last possible second so the cockpit doesn't turn into an oven 🙂

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Hello , nice works and thank you.

My question:

Can I save the Config, Misc etc. Setup?

Thank you  and best regards,

Andre Krause

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Posted (edited)



I can not use my rudder pedals at the moment. Now I use the autorudder option in p3d. Since I use Fs2Crew I have problems.

The autorudder does not work.

it's possible?


Thank you

Edited by edbcn

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FS2Crew doesn't disable your auto rudder.  We don't attempt to control the rudder.  

What kind of problems do you have?

You should also search the FS Labs forum about the auto-rudder.  I'm not sure, but they may want it off.


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