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KPIT 2019 Edition Update

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Over the weekend I was able to get a good start on the Pittsburgh International overhaul. I have posted image links below detailing the update.

Needed: Anyone that has some good & closeup images of the concourse would be greatly appreciated & useful.
Also, please provide any information you think would be helpful. Constructed criticism always welcome.

Note1: Changed to this scenery is the hotel "Hyatt" has been redone and brought up to date to depict the current "Hyatt Regency". 
Note2: Gone are the "US Airways" hangar depictions and replaced with "American" hangars.


Image 1 American Hangar 1
Image 2 American Hangar 2
Image 3 Hyatt Regency Dusk 1
Image 4 Hyatt Regency Night 1
Image 5 Hyatt Regency Day 1
Image 6 Blue Hangars 1

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Looks awesome!  Thank you very much for updating these airports.


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You certainly know how to turn the lights on at these old airport sceneries!  Great work and thanks!!

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