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Learjet 35A Reference Information

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The LR35 information below has been provided by FSW forum contributors and is collected here for convenience.  As new information becomes available it will be added to this first post in the thread. Note the latest FSW LR35A user manual is always available from the LR35A product page on the FSW website  https://flysimware.com/website/LEARJET_35A.html .

Please keep subsequent posts succinct and on topic. Thanks!


Provided by Bjoern:

Normal checklists:



Cool find: An article in "Flying" magazine about the Learjet 25 and 35.



One more article about the LJ35A:



And some more resources:



Provided by Scottb613:

Lear 35 AFM (Approved Flight Manual)

https://www.dropbox....35 AFM.pdf?dl=0

My TAS OpenOffice spreadsheet is what I've used for years to convert the RW performance information from FltPlan.com to a format usable to create an FSBuild profile... Many of the aircraft I've done are on it - the Learjet is the last "tab" to the right - has Climb, Cruise, and Descent profiles... All profiles are based on a Standard Day...


The other document is an Excel spreadsheet I've been using to create a checklist and some limited tabular performance data.... It has three tabs - Summary, Performance, and Checklist.... It's an amalgamated reference pulled from a bunch of different sources - including sampling the AFM performance charts... I had envisioned possibly swapping out the kneeboard data from FSW with this....


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Wow very usefull information for the Leardicts.... 🙂

Raphael Chacón


FLYSIMWARE-SM#1378797 RXP750-#1533812 RXP530-#1526291

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