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  1. I have had this problem through several version of P3D, comes and goes with nothing I have done that made any differance...up to LM to figure it out as all the suggestion I have seen don't work. percy
  2. When will the down load be updated to show option for V5. Now still shows only V4 and will not install in V5. thank you percy
  3. Thank you, I was finally able to figure out how to get by the windows 10 protection. Excluding the file would not work as as soon as downloaded windows would erase the file. I should not have to go through this and put my entire computer open to any type of virus just to down load one file. All other files from F1 software will down load with no problem. I don't know why this can not be fixed. Any way it is now working. percy.
  4. The f1 ecommerce is where I download from, both updates and reinstall which I download from ecommerce. I tried buying new and still run into same problem. so I guess will go back to F1 gtn750.
  5. Ever time I try to down load from F1 software windows says virus threat and deletes down load. I have downloaded several times before with no problem. I do not know how to get past this as I say keep anyway but windows deletes download. I have disable windows defender and have no other anti soft ware. so question is how do I download gtn750? percy
  6. Hello, l have same problem with same messages. I am unable to down load fresh copie as get message virus and windows deletes it ... I I have the licenses key but not sure where to put it. percy sailday62@msn.com
  7. Dose p3dv4 still have the Texas T6 v2 aircraft. percylee
  8. Will some one please list the list of pop up panels. thanks....percy
  9. will VA release a program for the new PMDG 747v3. percy
  10. Very good...thank you percy lee
  11. I did not say you did it wrong, you did it like other develops. I asked because MJC has a mdl file that adds basic landing lights for us that dont use the VC, I was hoping PMDG could do the same..I use a projector for outside view. There have been other post about using new view/cockpit view for outside visuals with projectors and landing lights do not show. I use P3D for sim software. This was not meant to be critical of PMDG. I did not mean to replace the original that is down loaded with A/C but an extra one posted on your site that could be downloaded by us that used our sim in other than VC and user would replace the file. percy lee
  12. When using new view for outside view no landing lights are present, is there any way PMDG could post a new MDL external file with some type of landing light included. percy lee
  13. If you have selected 2D mode in FSX landing lights will not work even with all items needed checked this is per PMDG ticket I submitted Percy Lee.. .
  14. Dan Ok will do, yes enjoying retired live very much.. percy lee
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