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FSDT GSX not compatible with P3d5 HF2

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1 hour ago, Bryn said:

But it can trigger it. 

If with "trigger", you mean it might expose a bug in a SDK function of the sim which didn't have any problems before and, thanks to GSX exposing it, will surely result in a fix, to the benefit of other 3rd party applications that use it, then yes, it can "trigger crash", just like the default ATC window can.

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7 hours ago, virtuali said:

GSX CANNOT crash the sim, and cannot cause "instability".

As I said, "the developer says that it is fully compatible and can't cause crashes".

That doesn't necessarily mean that your statement is factually correct.

Virtuali, I would feel more confident if your response was "Hmm, interesting, let's think about this" rather than "NOT POSSIBLE".

I'm not the only one who is concerned about GSX and instability, hence this thread. I'm not saying that it definitely causes crashes, just that the correlation is convincing enough to me that I generally fly with it turned off.

GSX2 is injecting a large number of objects into the sim. I don't think you can say categorically that it does not cause instability, at a minimum it is using more VRAM which leads to problems for some.

Edit: We posted at the same time. You are arguing semantics - saying that GSX cannot crash the sim, but it might "expose a bug in the SDK function", causing the sim to crash. For the end user, the result is the same.

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1 hour ago, OzWhitey said:

As I said, "the developer says that it is fully compatible and can't cause crashes".

That doesn't necessarily mean that your statement is factually correct.

The statement IS factually correct. GSX, running entirely outside the sim under its own separate interpreter ( Couatl.exe ) cannot crash the sim, this is not open to any interpretation. The only kind of crash that might be ( to quote a previous post ) TRIGGERED (not CAUSED) by GSX, are:

- Bugs in the internal functions of the sim that are called following a standard Simconnect call made by GSX. This will of course happen just the same with any other add-on making the same call, assuming that one has a problem.

- A crash caused by a simple memory exhaustion, which in P3D is usually VRAM exhaustion, but RAM exhaustion is still possible, for example if there isn't enough physical memory available AND there's not enough space on the swap file, either because the hard drive the swap file is located on is full, or because the user disabled the automatic handling of it or set a limit that too low. 

This also can occur at any time, memory is not an infinite resource, so it's wrong blaming a single add-on for being the cause of memory exhaustion, which is always a combination of your hardware, your settings, and the number of add-on running at the same time. If you have an 8GB card, with only 7 really available ( IF you have Windows 10 2004 ), and you are using several add-ons at the same time ( scenery, airplane, AI traffic, weather, etc. ) so you are already using 6.7GB out of 7 before even calling GSX, then you call GSX and get a crash because it required those last 300 MB available, how this could be GSX's fault ? Yes, using GSX "triggered" a crash, but you should never put yourself in such a iffy situation to begin with so, even if the crash was "correlated" or "triggered" by GSX, the real *cause* for that crash were the settings too high for that particular combination of add-ons and hardware.

I could understand this kind of reasoning:

"I cannot fly without my favorite detailed airplane, I cannot fly with reduced AI, I cannot fly with no custom weather products, I cannot fly with lower graphic quality, but I CAN live without ground services so, if I had to choose, I choose not to use GSX, because my resources are almost all used up for the other stuff"

THIS is something I won't contest: it's your sim, and your choice ( personally, I will always reduce graphic quality way before having to renounce to something that offers extra functionalities, but that's just me...), you are free to use whatever combination you want but, please, don't say GSX "causes instability", JUST because you are not prepared to accept lowering your settings or not using other add-ons, because it's just not fair, other than factually wrong.

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I’m another one having this problem I keep getting it by calling the pushback truck or other gsx action I’m just about giving up now.  A few people in the virtual airline I’m with are moving from gsx with the bugs and lack of developer updates I’m exploring that avenue too. 

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24 minutes ago, Matty2123 said:

...and lack of developer updates...

That's an unfair statement, given the frequent updates and enhancements since the initial GSXv2 release. I don't argue that you are experiencing issues but rather that the developer has provided many updates to his product. As for myself, I'm not having any GSX issues in my P3Dv5 installation.

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Wayne Klockner
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Not saying I’m having insulation issues it’s all work like others have said gsx seems to be triggering the crash and with regards to updates silly things like passengers arriving in a little bus etc. Be nice for some new features 

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I've never had an FSX or P3D problem that was caused by GSX. Ever.

The only GSX issues I ever had were, well... GSX issues that FDST fixed.

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