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How is everyone's performance and FPS so far?

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Depending on the area and airplane, I’m getting 45-60fps, with the exception of 30-35 over major cities like New York. Ultra settings, Live Weather, air traffic off. That seems to cut my fps in half and that’s not worth it at all to me.

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More info.

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I tested yesterday in the C172 settings for my medium PC with pretty much HIGH/Medium settings in 4K with the kind of detail distance set  at 185.

What i have learned is that even with my TV set to 25HZ (like i have it in P3Dv5) VSYNC ON and FPS limit to 60 in MSFS2020(not 30FPS and not sure why but FPS gets cut to half 15 - Very important) and FPS limit to 25 in NCP was a blast in Paris both night and day. Very very smooth all the time .

GPU around 50-70% 

I7-4770K@4,6 HT ON

32GB - DDR3 2400MHZ





Michael Moe


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Michael Moe




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I got a ryzen 7 3650H, Nvidia gtx 1650, 8gb ram. It picked medium settings for me. Runs fine ig with abt 25 fps average. Clouds are on ultra btw. Problem comes in big cities like NY and stuff where fps drops to 10. So small cities for me ig.

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I just installed ORBX LOWI and adjusted my settings so I can maintain and lock to 60. I still have to tweak a bit, but so far it's ok for me. Take a look here:


The sim seems to be capable of doing 60, but still there are some stutters now and then. In other regions where it does ~80 to 100 unlocked, locked 60 are with no stutters.


i9-9900K@5,0   |  32GB 3200  |  2080TI  |  4K 55"  |  MSFS | P3D V5

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my performance is not to bad i am only playing on the high end settings at heathrow i get around 24fps but it is stuttery until i take off and i am away then i get about 40 i looked at the developer mode and it says the mainthread and the gpu is limited does anyone know what the mainthread is.

Alexander Shepherd

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I am currently running an i7 4790k (no o/c) / 16gb memory / evga gtx1080ti ftw3 (no o/c) / 1440p on a 165hz monitor / FS2020 on a 1tb Samsung evo ssd.

*All setting are on High. Changing the settings up and down result in very little difference overall. Unless I make it so low its ugly, so forget that!

**All number below are from in cockpit view only (is there any other view..!)

***Traffic is off. If traffic is on then all numbers below are roughly the same but with some big fps dips now and again.

Smaller aircraft like the Cessna 152 and with basic analog gauges = Average of 60 fps - In rural areas it averages 55fps to 75fps - At big airports or around big cities it averages 45 - 55  (Very smooth, excellent)

Medium aircraft like the TBM with more glass instruments =  Average of 45 fps - In rural areas it averages 40fps to 55fps - At big airports or around big cities it averages 35 - 45 (Flyable but not great)

Large aircraft, basically anything with a jet engine and glass cockpit = Average of 30 fps - In rural areas it averages 30fps to 40fps - At big airports or around big cities 15 - 30 (Bad & not flyable for me personally)

I'm still very optimistic and I'm also very impressed with FS2020 overall. Flying a 152 with TrackIR around different parts of the world has been one of my favorite "flightsimming" experiences ever and I have been a Flight Simmer from the very beginning.

I will, however, not be flying anything with a jet engine anytime soon though. Hopefully Microsoft will improve the code in the larger aircraft sooner than later. Either way I will be upgrading my system to whatever is the best possible hardware soon. So I sincerely hope to be taking off from Heathrow in a Dreamliner (with smooth fps) at some point in the not too distant future! 

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4790k / 16gb / 1080ti / lotsa ssd's / 1440p / TM Warthog & Tflight Pedals 

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i3-9100F @ 4 GHz / 16 GB DDR4 / GTX 1650 GPU with mild OC / 375 Mbs internet connection 
CPU (4-cores) and GPU all stay at 97% or busier at all times.  It is obvious the system is CPU bound and a faster GPU might not help much. 

Flying the 152 out of KTIW (Tacoma Narrows with ORBX KTIW package installed) 28 - 31 FPS at 2,000' with scattered clouds and light westerly winds.  I fly to the SW edge of the SeaTac Class B airspace and see no drop in frame rate.   I get a very occasional stutter but 99% of the time I see a steady 28 to 30 FPS around Puget Sound

Flying the Zlin Savage Cub out of KORS (orcas Island with ORBX KORS package installed) 36 - 39 FPS at 3,000' with heavy clouds and heavier winds.  Flying over the hills or over the water makes no difference to frame rates.  Landing at the very detailed airport or making a low slow pass down the runway at 100' while looking at the airport facilities only drops the FPS to about 33 - 34 FPS. 

Flying around downtown San Diego and landing on Rwy 9 at KSAN my frame rate drops to the 24 - 25 FPS range and flying over downtown San Diego it drops a bit more.  But, flying east into the San Diego mountains, 3,000' AGL, the frame rate stays above 45 FPS in all views. 

Full Screen 1080p (1920 x 1080) on two monitors (Navigraph, Afterburner monitor, MS resource monitor on secondary display)
V-Synch OFF

HIGH Global rendering Quality with some customization 

Render Scaling = 100 (changing this to 120 drops FPS to 24)


Objects LOD = 100 

Anisotropic Filtering = 8x

Texture SS = 4x4

Terrain Shadows = 128

Ambient Occulsion = Medium

Light Shafts = Medium

Bloom = ON


Aircraft Traffic Type = OFF

Airport Life all set to 30

Land & Sea Traffic all set to 23


Real time weather and traffic is OFF

Rolling Cache is ON and runs on a SSD

ALL assistance is turned off and Failures/Damage is all enabled.  Everything else is set for max realism and minimal help.

Another test was to take off on RWY 17 at KSEA in heavy clouds and a strong SW gusty wind and to stay within the perimeter of the airport flying the Savage Cub.  At 300' AGL flying over the tower and north and south over the runways at 120 knots I saw a consistent 24 - 26 FPS.  Only once did I get a stutter and that was as I left the airport northbound and didn't begin my turn back south for about a mile.  Frame rate dropped to 2 - 4 for about six-seconds and then bounced right back to 25 or so.

Climbed to 1,500' AGL and saw the FPS climb to the 30 - 35 FPS range.  As I got up to 3,000' the FPS stabilized at 35 FPS while flying directly over the airport and looking down from the cockpit. 

A moderately powerful system can easily provide nice scenery and decent frame rates.  

The key - I think is NO AI traffic 




Edited by TacomaSailor

i7-9700K @4.9 GHz  / Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Mobo / 32 GB DDR4 / RTX 3060 Ti 8GB GPU / AORUS FO48U 4k display
 SSD for Drive C and another SSD dedicate to Flight Sim / 1 GB Comcast Xfinity Internet connection / HP Reverb G2 / Tobii 5 Head & Eye Tracking

read about me and my sailing adventures at www.svmirador.net/WebsiteOne/ or at Flickr TacomaSailor

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