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Hi guys, 

I am testing the newest Nvidia driver in the 511.23 series. In the past I have not installed GE force, but gave it a try this time. It still does not include our sim. So, is there any value to it or should I simply uninstall it and take back the drive space it uses. If its only value is to alert me to new drivers out from Nvidia, I an do that on my own. Thanks.


btw, so far the 511 is working fine for me in p3d



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I only use the Driver, Custom selection, un-checking all other optional components.
Nvidia driver 511.23 is also working well (so far) for me.

Best Regards,

Vaughan Martell - PP-ASEL KDTW

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Geforce Experience has no value for P3D in my opinion. It´s only bloatware. It can optimize some games but maybe does settings for you you don´t like? On the other hand you need to log in, so they have more data from you and can send you ads.

New driver is working fine here too.

OS=WIN10 Home, Sim=P3D5 actual version (P3D4 and FSX installed but unused)
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GPU=KFA2 RTX3090 24 GB, RAM=32 GB DDR4-3200, HOTAS=Logitech G Saitek X52 Pro

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Geforce Experience comes with the new Upscaling Slider released with this driver.

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Raymond Fry.


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what does the upscaling slider do exactly ?

9700k,1080Ti,maximus hero XI, ID cooling 280 AIO, Phanteks case, 32GB steel series ram, x3 Samsung Evo's 480 GB for scenery, intel 2TB nvme for P3D and addons /Scenery, Adata 480GB nvme for OS win11, 2 TB SSHD for everything else, 43" LG 4K TV for the sim(1440P) , second 27" monitor for charts/ youtube etc. Warthog Stick, X56 throttle and Logitech  pedals, Razer keyboard and mouse, oh and a usb fan to cool me down on approach !

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Thanks everyone....I have deleted the program, and appreciate the feedback. If only NVIDIA would include P3D it might have had some value.


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