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Clean Break strategy for P3D v6-v7

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1 hour ago, Christopher Low said:

The XML method never worked properly for me with scenery addons in P3Dv4, so I have all of my scenery installed the old fashioned way.

What didn't work?

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10 minutes ago, newtie said:

What didn't work?

There are some sceneries that have hard-coded paths in their configurations, in which case moving them out of the P3D root folder breaks stuff.

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Is this the aforementioned "XML" method?

Add-ons (prepar3d.com)

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12 hours ago, BostonJeremy77 said:

Now that v6 has VERY limited backwards compatibility with old 3rd party stuff

It does?  Odd, 95% of my P3D V5 add-ons work in P3D V6 ... even more so after update (patch 5 or is it 6).

P3D's primary problem has always been (even before MSFS) getting 3rd party developers to actually use the new features in P3D versions like Dynamic Lighting, PBR, slopped runway native support, windshield effects, and more.  Most used FSX as the base because they could sell more since their FSX products worked in P3D.  If you look at how many PBR aircraft and airports exist for P3D, it's probably less than 5%.  In many ways, 3rd party lack of support for these features is what kept P3D from realizing a larger audience/base.  The vendor claim is not enough ROI for going the extra mile to support these features ... can't really debate the vendor since we don't have their sales data.

Moving to a new engine like UE5 would be welcome but with zero existing product support.  LM have a few different simulations groups and some of those development teams have already moved to UE5 so it's certainly a possibility for future P3D versions.  Given that P3D supports CIGI (complete replacement of the graphics pipeline) it might be easier to shift to something like UE5.  However, a few things would need to happen to gain 3rd party support:

1.  It needs to be visually stunning (which UE5 is)

2.  Come with enough out of box content to keep users interested

3.  Flexible enough to support every aspect of flight

Fortunately UE5 already has a free to use SDK built in which keeps improving over time and asset creation is very easy.


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10 hours ago, BostonJeremy77 said:

That's not good enough. v6 is all PBR etc... If ORBX doesn't update their assets to utilize the new P3D tech? I don't want it.

PBR was available in P3D V4.4 onwards, they didn't update existing assets several years ago.  They used PBR on some of the newer airports they released, but my understanding is ORBX were prepared to walk away from P3D completely if LM had "required" PBR support.  Guessing that legacy PBR conversion, wasn't done for P3D because of ROI.

Only thing that has me somewhat puzzled is that ORBX must have a large volume of FSX/P3D assets that could be retro fitted but aren't willing to release them to devs willing to convert them to PBR for free.  If ORBX aren't interested in P3D anymore and it's not making them any money, I don't understand why they wouldn't release the assets unless those same assets are being used in MSFS?  Or perhaps they would rather just have everyone on one platform and only one platform MSFS?

From a business perspective, platform diversity seems like a safer long term option.

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