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    Changes to the Avsim Library


    Avsim.com is pleased to announce that the Microsoft Flight Simulator library section is now available for uploads and downloads.


    With the addition of the new library section, there has been some changes to the rest of the library.


    We have added 2 Prepar3D categories: V1-4 and V5.


    We have also placed each simulator under a heading of their respective developers: Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Laminar Research, Dovetail Games, Terminal Reality etc…etc…etc…


    As you submit files to the library, please be careful about which simulator you choose to place your upload. If it is a Microsoft Flight Simulator X, ensure you place it there, not in the Microsoft Flight Simulator section. We can make the changes as we seem them but, ensure you place them where they belong. Also when you upload any file into the library, they need to contain a readme.txt (or similar) that shall include installation instructions as well as support information (ex e-mail address). If the .zip file does not contain this information, it will not be placed in our library. Also it can take up to 24 hours once you upload the file for it to be available in the library.


    Lastly, piracy and copyright infringement/theft of intellectual property will not be tolerated. If any file is found to be in violation of this, it will be removed immediately and you are subject to losing your library privileges.


    We thank you for your patience while we got the library updated.


    Avsim.com Library Staff

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    Well... Sorry, but that train already departed and the AVSIM Library came very much too late, I guess.

    If I look at Reddit and Flightsim.to and how many new MSFS stuff is released nearly every hour I think an "old fashioned" library system, which has been nice some 20 years ago at old FS9 days, doesn't really fit in 2020 anymore.
    Look what they've done and how easy it is to search and download.

    There really is a need for AVSIM to wake up and leave the old Library times behind...



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