Just released is imaginesim's new version of KATL Atlanta for Prepar3D V4. It has vastly improved performance, the result of a complete model optimization and recompile. Among a host of improvements you will find,

    - Gigantic improvement in performance using procedures optimized for Prepar3D V4.

    - Framerate speeds up by over double compared with previous Prepar3D version. Tripled and more when compared to FSX version.

    - High definition building texturing and improved new V4 ground polygons.

    - Fluid usage, even with complex airliner cockpits and high density AI coverage.

    - Low visibility nav lighting.

    - Switchable dynamic lighting option.

    - New and bespoke Operations Center configuration GUI.

    - Comprehensive ground and building optimization.

    - Interactive SODE jetways.

    - Instantaneous scenery cache loading.

    - Seasonal texture options.

    - 10.2 mile square coverage of the KATL area.

    - Low simulator impact.

    - Graduated ground extremeties to seamlessly blend with any vector driven add-on.

    - Improved autogen coverage.

    - Free to all existing KATL 2016 Prepar3D and FSX customers. Your new V4 version will appear in your Flightsim Store account, or inside the Flight 1 wrapper downloaded from our website www.imaginesim.com (click the re-install button after downloading).

    User Feedback

    1 hour ago, beechcaptain said:

    Does this require uninstalling the previous version of KATL 2016 for P3Dv4 before using the wrapper reinstall option?

    I uninstalled the previous version. 

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    Here is a quick test I made with PMDG and Ultimate Traffic Live to add to the workload.  Things are definitely smoother.  


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    Performance is definitively better.  I noticed the P3D4 installer automatically removed the previous version before installing.  The installer for FSX:SE, on the other hand, offered me the option to remove prev version only.  So, I removed the prev version, ran the installer again, and it installed the new one. 

    BTW, performance is also much improved on the FSX version.  No pauses on approach, no pauses while looking at the airport from the air.  Best part is the upgrade was for free unlike the last upgrade.  

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    I went ahead and uninstalled the previous version, and then installed this new version.  Like others noted here, definite improvement in performance.  Nicely done, ImagineSim!

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    No... the FSX version is not upgraded (despite an earlier poster's suggestion to the contrary).  I installed with the new installer and compared the file structure to a back-up of the previous "version".  Not a single file has been changed.  This upgrade is definitely exclusive to Prepar3d.

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