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  1. Yep, same problem here.I also use Firefox but did not install any update.Ed
  2. Hi,As far as I know checking notepad permanently associates that file type with that particular application. This would be a function of XP and not FS. If you can do a system restore to a time before you made this blunder then it might be reset.Personally, I would just leave it alone as it won't hurt anything.Hope this helps.Ed
  3. Hi,I did as you suggested for Y**** and nothing is being downloaded. I have used G***** before with no problems.Any suggestions?Thanks,EdPs- I deleted everything pertaining to G*****, if that helps.Just tried the url in my browser and all I get is "Sorry, the page you requested was not found"
  4. Great tip and so simple.Thanks,Ed
  5. Probably the easiest way is to leave a message at the NEC support page and see if they have any answers.The dvd's are single layer.Ed
  6. Hi,I had this problem years ago when my cd drive would not read some commerical cd's. The problem was the copy protection that was on the cd could not be read by some cd drives. Since your friend was able to install the game, I would rule out a bad dvd and also region specific.Can you borrow his dvd player, install in your computer and install game?Right now I use a HP dvd player/burner with no problems.Ed
  7. How about the installers that don't let you install to any folder. I have had some that completely removed other programs without uninstalling themselves. And yes it did pertain to flight simulation.Ed
  8. Hi Bill,I agree with you 100%. I complained about this around two years ago and I was told I didn't know what I was saying. Try the system restore and see what happens.Good luck,Ed
  9. Great find.Thanks for sharing.Ed
  10. Hi Ron,I believe the only way to accomplish want you want is to buy FSUIPC and program those keys through your keyboard.Ed
  11. Hi George,I sometimes get this message and I have found that by reinstalling all the drivers that use the usb ports that this message is eliminated.I don't know what causes the problem but it seems that something corrupts one of the drivers.Good luck,Ed
  12. If anyone has installed the directx sdk, I would suggest checking in dxdiag and seeing if any of the dlls are a debug version. If so, this might be slowing your computer down. I uninstalled the sdk and installed the newest version of Directx and did see an improvement on my old computer.Ed
  13. Hi,Yes it's a pain and they really arn't on.If you go into the fsx.cfg file and change these lines under "display" from true to false, the messages won't be seen.InfoBrakesEnable=falseInfoParkingBrakesEnable=falseInfoPauseEnable=TrueInfoSlewEnable=TrueInfoStallEnable=falseInfoOverspeedEnable=falseEd
  14. Hi Mike,Excellent job; really made a difference for me. I was wondering if the other textures could be converted. I would do it myself but don't know what program to use or how to go about it.Thanks,Ed
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