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  1. Try here. There's more help available at the offical forum:
  2. BobK

    Flight1 & piracy

    Brilliant idea.. :-roll
  3. BobK

    BA Crash 777, what sim is this?

    Looks like a Project Magenta cockpit.
  4. BobK

    obama's plane clips another

    Yeah, but he can't smoke a cigar in the plane - Oh, that's right, he didn't actually smoke it... ;-)
  5. BobK

    obama's plane clips another

    Cool. Now ambulance chaser John Edwards can represent the pax and owners of the Caravan, and sue Obama for the pain and suffering, Billary will say it's Bush's fault and Gore will blame it on global warming! :-lol
  6. #### that was impressive. Keep up the good work! ;)
  7. Sorry to hear about your problems with those products, but what does that have to do with 767PIC or Level D?
  8. BobK

    Airac 0713 - PIC767?

    The PMDG Airac should still work with 767PIC, since PMDG used the same format. Level D uses a different format.
  9. BobK

    Female pilots in fs?

    Kav, it's the same when you get married. Of course, if you hope to DO that, you may need to put FS in the hangar until after the honeymoon. ;)
  10. To get the most accurate information, you need to go here:
  11. BobK

    Power of real 777 on takeoff

    Why do people always blame seat pitch on the plane, when it's the airline that decides which seats to use and how far apart they'll be?
  12. Most people who know t-props say the FSD Cheyenne is the most accurate t-prop for FS.
  13. "Just Planes", producers of the "World Air Routes" videos, is based in Boston. I don't know if they have a retail store or do "e-commerce" business, only.
  14. BobK


    Jan, I see you had to rattle the cage again! ;)
  15. >Me...but I'm a transplanted Canuck (entered US 1963,>naturalized 1971)>>btA defector! :-lol