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  1. HelloI just built my first computer using new and old parts. One of the old parts was the Hard Drive. I installed a new mother board and chip and now it won't boot up unless (Tech Support suggests) that I reformat the HD with a clean install. I don't want to do that as I have some really important data on the Hard Drive. Is there anyway to use a boot disk and keep my data on the HD?What (if any) are the possibily solutions?Thanks and regards,Ed
  2. If it happens again, go to the FS-Copilot menu and bring down the MiniCP. Click on the MP button and the other plane will disappear. Wait a few minutes and click on the MP button again to see your multi Play aircraft. This is a problem within FSINN.Regards,Ed
  3. HelloI have an old computer that I want to upgrade to FS9 max out sliders. Don't need it to run FSX as I have another computer that does that fine.My current specs are (on this machine are):AMD Athlon XP 24002 GHz1 GB of RAMNvidia 6600Windows XPWhat are your suggestions for upgrade?Many thanksRegardsEd
  4. I have two computers. One for flying aircraft with stick and throttle and the other for flying large jets using yoke and a throttle quardant. I can switch between two computer using a connector for my one monitor. Is there something made,so that I can use my CH rudder pedals, using some sort of switch, to transfer the USB port from one computer to another.I only fly one computer at a time. Somedays, I like to fly military jets (FS9 one computer) and other days I like to fly airliners (other computer using FSX).Space allows only one set of CH Rudder Pedals. Need some way to go back and forth between computers (something other then just unplugging).Any ideas or thoughts?Regards and thanks,Ed
  5. Many thanks for this post David.Happy HolidaysRegardsEd Ward, Jr.
  6. Thanks for the quick replysRegards,Ed
  7. I have two problems. The manual comes up (in notepad) in code only. How do I change that? Also, what is the web address for the latest update. Can't seem to access that from the main page.Thanks in advanceRegards,Ed
  8. Crazy thing. Disconnected my CH rudder pedals and reconnected them again. It reloaded the driver (Vista) but now when I get into FSX, I get a movement to full heads up in the cockpit. I mean, I am looking at the overhead panel and cannot go back to normal front view. If I disconnect the CH pedals again, everything is OK.Thanks in advance for any help.Regards,Ed
  9. That is a GREAT question and I am going to bump it back to the top. As far as I know, there is no specific driver yet for the 8800 and FSX. Most are using beta drivers. I would like to know the answer to your question as well.Regards,Ed
  10. At least a 100 percent improvement. Regards,Ed
  11. HelpOk, I might have run into one or two of them pre-Accel but now it seems they are all on STRIKE! Can't get any to work. Any ideas?Regards,EdQuad, Accel, DX 10, 8800, FSinn
  12. Well, the "don't sink" is coming from your frendly GPWS (Ground, Proximity Warning System).http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_Proximity_Warning_SystemThe "beeps" might be the stall warning or "stick shaker" telling you that you are to slow on airspeed and about to stall.Fly safeEd
  13. Yes, it is in multiplayer but I don't think this is the issue. It is really apparent flying the CRJ (default) The VC (at night) is way to bright as compared to the 2D panel which has the right intensity of night lighting. The CRJ also has so much light at night, in the VC, it makes the ADI (Attitude Direction Indicator) almost unable to see. What is interesting, is that for a brief moment the VC night panel has the correct lighting and then it goes to full blinding light. Again, the 2D panel is always OK.Regards and thanksEd Ward, JrQuad, 3 gigs, Accel, DX10, 8800 GTX
  14. I have the same problem. Also, when I first start the sim I get an automatic pause and have to "go to" the same airport again. Thanks for any advice.Ed
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