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  1. I know this question should be asked on the CIX VFR forum but I can't get in there if not a member and I can't be a member unless I know the answer to the following question! (Is this a Catch 22 situation?) Does anyone here know if CIX allow p3d members as from their it blurb seems that they only allow MFS? Silly situation to bother anyone here but would appreciate an answer.
  2. boyho1

    Your age?

    81 but recently rejuvenated by P3D! Has anyone analysed the results of this age reporting thread because I would be interested to see how many are older than me? lol
  3. boyho1

    Words I need to share with our Community

    What sad news to start the week. You are one of the stalwarts of this wonderful hobby of ours. Whenever we have had bad news regarding our hobby I have always come to AVSim first to read what old faithful Tom has to say and have drawn a sort of comfort from your wise words. Let's hope that you can now draw some comfort from the sympathetic messages pouring in here today! God Bless you.
  4. Wow...that's cheap. It's approx
  5. I found them in the rc4x root folder on the c: drive. I will copy and move them to my fsx files in my documents where all my other flight plans are. Thanks for your very quick response but on this occasion I just beat you to it but no doubt I'll be back again;)
  6. Hi guysI am still very much a newbie with RC...only installed last week but I am sure that I will enjoy it as I get into it.I have been wading through the manual and have got to the bit about tutorials. Should these have been installed into my FSX flt plans because if so, they are not there?I have also spotted the tutorials on the website but cannot find where to d/l them. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
  7. boyho1

    FSX Flight Planner - why it frustrates me!

    Hi GeoffThanks for this link to what appears (Voyager- Free Flight) to be a very nice bit of kit. I have d/l same but I cannot get to use it because it needs me to input my DUATS reg details which being a mere FS guy, I do not have. How do I get round this? I realise that you are a qualified pp so I guess that you did not have a problem with this.
  8. boyho1

    Error message

    Since applying SP1,when starting the game I get the following message:-SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (Addon ScenerySCENERY) in Area.115 not found. Click OK to continue.I click OK and the game continues to load and plays well showing all of the improvements that are claimed for SP1. Should I be concerned and how can I install the 'missing files'?
  9. boyho1

    Steering problem

    Hi guysHas anyone else noticed that the turning arc seems to be bigger in many a/c in FSX than in FS9? I am using CH pedals for rudder and brakes and I am happy that they are working correctly but even on full lock I don't seem to be able to make the taxiway turns as easily as previously. Does anyone have a solution to this ie can the a/c config files be tweaked?
  10. I seem to have developed exactly the same problem and it happened after I had installed the excellent RealAir SF260. I have also tried to 'reactivate' F9 key but like the originator of this thread, no luck.
  11. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:
  12. boyho1

    TrackIR4 and!

    Thanks for the heads up guys. Very impressive.....the shot where he looks down and under the Maule's dash is incredible!
  13. boyho1

    TrackIR4 and!

    the video won't play for me. All I get is a green screen but do hear the sound. Do I have to decode anything?
  14. boyho1

    Plz Plz...I need Fsnavigator...

    I too love FSNav but we've got to wait!In the meantime, you can use the files recently posted in the avsim file library and have them on your desktop so you can readily access from the game. Just unzip the pdf files. Search for Winfried Orthmann in the FSX section. He has produced them for Europe, Canada, USA and Africa (and perhaps others).
  15. Hi guysI want to get a headset so that I can join in multiplayer, particularly in Flight Sim X. As I understand things, I can go for either a USB type or conventional plug in. I have on board sound AC97 (currently disabled) and Creative X-Fi Extreme which is my default s/card. If I go for a conventional headset, I understand that I will have to enable the AC97 and use this just for voice.What is my best option and what headset would you recommend?