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  1. Good evening all, I'm looking to hire an experienced painter to complete a few fleet projects for MidContinent Airlines. Our original artist has disappeared without a trace and I've been having considerable difficulty finding someone to take on the work. QualityWings 787-8, 787-9 (10 unique tail numbers for each) PMDG 777-200 (one theme livery) Aerosoft CR7 (number of unique tail numbers undecided) All the design work is completed, I just need someone with paint experience to apply what I've designed. Regards, Mike Collier
  2. Greetings Rob,REG FOR DESTINATION ALTERNATES: factors need to be considered when selecting your alternate airport. Some that may influence your decision on whether to use a particular airport for an ALT would include but not necessarily be limited to:Fuel Burn to AlternateEn route wx between destination and alternateKnown ATC delays at the alternate airportAvailability of a suitable instrument approachPassenger handling capabilityFor airline use, that airport would also need to be an "approved" airport in section C70 of the airline's operations specifications. That airport would also need to meet alternate airport forecast weather minimums. Airlines use the "ONE NAV" and "TWO NAV" method to derive alternate minimums to determine dispatch legality. ONE NAV RULE: Add 400 feet to the lowest applicable Category I MDA or DH. The result is the minimum ceiling you need forecast at your ETA at your alternate in order to be able to legally file it as such. Now add 1 statute mile to the lowest applicable Category I landing minimum. The result is the minimum visibility you need forecast at your ETA at your alternate in order to be able to legally file it as such. TWO NAV RULE: Of the two IAPs with the lowest minimums, you must select the one with the HIGHER MDA/DH and HIGHER minimum landing visibility. (You will criss-cross with two different approaches if one has a higher MDA/DH and the other has a higher minimum landing visibility.) Then add 200 feet to the higher DH and
  3. Thanks, I'll also investigate that. :-)Mike CKPHX
  4. Thanks Norman, I'll see if I can find those threads.Mike CPHX
  5. Greetings,Anyone know if it's possible to assign one of the buttons on the CH Flight Yoke LE as a push to talk for SB3/VATSIM? Thanks,Mike CPHX
  6. CactusDx

    any VA's that assign flights?

    Yes..MidContinent Airlines. 121 Compliant.M. Collier
  7. CactusDx

    PIC B737 screenshots

    I must be outta the loop.. can't post repaint pics anymore?? :-hmmm Mike CKPHX
  8. CactusDx

    PIC B737 screenshots

    Hi Alex,I can make a great suggestion, but it depends on what YOU look for in an airline. If you want an actual FAR part 121 compliant airline operated by real world pilots and other aviation professionals then click here: M. CollierKPHX
  9. CactusDx

    PIC B737 screenshots

    Eh, I dunno, historically speaking I don't think its current condition is any worse than some other past add-ons at initial release. The only issue I've been having is with VNAV and it appears Wilco/Feelthere is working on this. I haven't tried it yet but there's a thread that mentions the new FSUIPC may help with some of the current VNAV issues. My frames have been between 15-20 (2D panel only) on an old AMD 1.6 Ghz machine. I do appreciate that we finally have an FMC equipped 737-300 for FS9.Happy HolidaysM. CollierDispatcher/SOCAmerica West Airlines/US AirwaysPhoenix Az
  10. CactusDx

    test post

    Looks like it works! :7Mike CKPHX
  11. Joe,Going from default ATC to Radar Contact is similar to going from the default flight sim 737 to the PMDG 737. There is a bit of a learning curve but if it's realism you seek (and you must be since you're an NG user) then it is worth the effort.I guarantee that it'll tighten up your flying and force you to be a better sim pilot. Michael CollierDispatcher/SOCAmerica West Airlines
  12. you mean it's not a must have now? Oh but it is, it IS!! :7Mike CPhoenix
  13. CactusDx

    PMDG B1900 Operating Questions

    Lou, I still have B1900D Manuals/Data from my Mesa days, I'll see if I can't answer your questions this evening when I get home. Mike CollierDispatcher/SOCAmerica West Airlines
  14. CactusDx

    Looking for a good VA

    Thanks for the referral Marc! :7Mike C
  15. Hi Rudi,If you can list the specific aiport you are departing from along with the name of the departure procedure and transition you are filing it would help me to give you a more detailed answer. In real aviation, do you get to choose the runway, or does ATC choose it for you depending on wind direction? A little of both. Normally ATC will assign the active runways based on winds, but sometimes aircraft performance will dictate the use of a non-optimum runway. That's fine as long as it doesn't exceed the performance limitations of your aircraft. If you are departing North with your first fix to the east all you'd need to do is set up the FMC with a "Direct-To" the first fix on your flight plan route. Once you depart then just engage LNAV direct and off you go. Let me know which DP/Transition you're using and I'll look it over and offer some additional suggestions. Mike CollierDispatcher/SOCAmerica West Airlines