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  1. Does someone have a solution for this problem?ThanksThomas
  2. I think I fixed the problem. Please redownload it from my download page and try it again.Thomas
  3. Yep, Nov. 10th is the planned release date. I am currently working with PAI on one feature (the FS9 parking types and codes editing). If this is finished the AITM v2.0 alpha is going public.RegardsThomas
  4. Hi,AITM will be updated soon. It will then support FS2004 and TTools 2.0. I hope to release it next week.Thomas
  5. All settings are maxed out. So this should be fine.ThomasPS: Landing light is fine under FS2004...
  6. Hi,just purchased the 737 today and I am really impressed. Works fine for me so far, but I have a slight (minor) problem under FS2004. The taxi light shows a big dark square, which is not visible in FS2002. Is this by design or is there any way to fix this?FS2002 - OKhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/27524.jpgFS2004 - dark squarehttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/27525.jpgThanksThomasPS: I am using a Radeon 9800 Pro with v3.6 drivers, if that might be important.
  7. If you are using the TTools version for FS2002, then you will most likely get this behavior. This is due a small change in the traffic.bgl format used in FS9. You need to remove all "@" in your flight plan leg times to get it working 100%.Hope this helpsThomas
  8. I don't think that a single station is causing this. I even had it for EDDF. Whcih shouldn't be invalid or? ;)I think it's more likely a connection problem. I have switched back to v1.5 and v1.7 and they are more stable than v1.8. With these old versions I get no "PARSE ERRORS". The strange thing is that a click on the "Refresh" button directly solves the prob until the next stations comes available. If you need more info and help, then contact me via email. Maybe we can locate the problem together. I know some other users that I have the problem on a wide range of system configs (different OS etc.).Thomas
  9. Hi Damian,I am currently kinda frustrated and I have switched to another proggie. I am getting "PARSE ERRORS" all the time during flight. Leading to the fact that wxRE uses the forced destination METAR all the time. Clicking "Refresh" solves the problem until next METAR refresh. Is there any chance of solving this problem?ThanksThomas Molitor
  10. I don't think that it is a station problem. I had this problem several times. wxRE always used the forced destination station and after a while it switched back to the right one. Shouldn't it use the last good METAR, if there is any problem?Thomas
  11. Hi,as you can see from the screeny below, wxRE is using a different METAR (here the forced destination) instead of WX station LHTL. Known problem with v1.8 RC7 or something else?http://forums.avsim.com/user_files/11707.jpgRegardsThomas Molitor
  12. Damian could you please remove (or at least add an option) this warning message. I think it's just annoying, if you have to click OK everytime you start wxRE.ThanksThomas
  13. It's just a warning message, so yes the flight will be in your traffic after compiling it.Thomas
  14. Well said. But you should read the manual more carefully. If you have installed the latest version (V1.2 SP1), then you are able to configure those ranges in the config file AITM_AC.CFG and if you don't bother you can turn off the warning messages.Thomas
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