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  1. Hi Jose, my name is Enrique and am from Caracas. I am interested in reading your thesis paper regarding automatic flight. Sadly, it seems the link to the document according to fsdeveloper.com is dead. I would like, if it's ok with you, to obtain the document for personal research. Obrigado!



  2. And almost bet that you have a NVIDIA card. There is a problem with light effects under DX10 preview. From certain angles you loose the light.As far I "feel" in the foruns this doesn't apply to ATI cards but I can't confirm.Jos
  3. One thing is the poll result the other is market share. You can have 90% using FS9 but only 1% of those still buying addons.Can't understand why market saturation never comes in to the equation. Jos
  4. Maybe. I'm thinking about FSNAvigator, how easy it was to crack it but nevertheless it was the best selling title for years. At least in Simmarket. Jos
  5. Imagetool in the SDK. You can run the commandimagetool.exe -batch -DXT3 -nomip *.bmpThis will keep the bmp extension. If you want to convert bmp to ddsimagetool.exe -batch -dxt5 -vflip -nomip -dds *.bmpA texture backup is a good idea before doing this since it's a batch command.Jos
  6. Usually programs that work with FSUIPC in FS9 should work in FSX. I stopped FSAcars development, however passed a lot of code to another person so I hope that there will be a rebirth.Jos
  7. You should only loose the registry entry. Just run Flight1 freeware registry repair.Jos
  8. This is strange.Pickup fsxplanner, compiled LPPT without changing anything and still got the shimmering. Changed an apron from asphalt to bituminous compiled and the shimmering stopped in all airport. Not only in the changed apron.
  9. Just noticed that after activating Mytraffic X afcad the airport ground objects shimmering stopped). Tried a few places and it was always confirmed. Can someone confirm this maybe with others afcad bot from MytrafficX?Jos
  10. Not the A36. It will give me a lot of work for Dreammanager :)Jos
  11. Easy, less people working and willing to spend time doing something for free. As you said, it's easy to do the airports but the fact is:no one does it.and yes I did my share of freeware and still doing.Jos
  12. Do the nav, beacon lights work in DX10?ThanksJos
  13. >Why bother, 15FPS is all the human eye can handle.>>Higher FPS is just a waste of CPU power when it could be doing>another task more efficiently.It's a myth, it's not clear how much fps is enough. And please don't compare movies fps with games fps since movies have intraframe motion blur.Jos
  14. That is my main problem, no position lights. Interesting enough they are there during plane startup.Put yourself in spot view and hit Ctr-E, during the startup the lights will appear in all it's glory, but near the startup end they will disappear.Jos
  15. I don't have the problem, at least during the tests that I made.Just tested with a default weather, over the pacific near KSEA, 38000ft, 45min flight.My fsx.cfg[GRAPHICS]TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024NUM_LIGHTS=8AIRCRAFT_SHADOWS=1AIRCRAFT_REFLECTIONS=1COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1LANDING_LIGHTS=1AC_SELF_SHADOW=0EFFECTS_QUALITY=2GROUND_SHADOWS=0[sCENERY]LENSFLARE=1DAWN_DUSK_SMOOTHING=1IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=3[DISPLAY]BLOOM_EFFECTS=1SKINNED_ANIMATIONS=1TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=30UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=20[PANELS]QUICKTIPS=1PANEL_OPACITY=100[TERRAIN]LOD_RADIUS=3.500000MESH_COMPLEXITY=70MESH_RESOLUTION=20TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=25AUTOGEN_DENSITY=2DETAIL_TEXTURE=1WATER_EFFECTS=5[WEATHER]CLOUD_DRAW_DISTANCE=3DETAILED_CLOUDS=1CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY=6THERMAL_VISUALS=0DownloadWindsAloft=0DisableTurbulence=0[TrafficManager]AirlineDensity=20GADensity=14FreewayDensity=0ShipsAndFerriesDensity=30LeisureBoatsDensity=30IFROnly=0AIRPORT_SCENERY_DENSITY=2My nhancerhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/181329.zipAll Vista hotfixes installed, 169.12 beta driversJos
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