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  1. As a quick follow up - in case others with the same issue find this thread - the only solution that worked was uninstalling via ORBX Central - getting a refund, then re-purchasing via the MSFS Marketplace itself. Not sure why this worked as the files are identical but work it did.
  2. Thanks guys, So far I have deleted KSBA using the orbx Central utility, cleared rolling cache, reinstalled it but no joy. The orbx utility indicates that it is properly installed, and I've been through the Santa Barbara file structure within the Community folder and confirmed all is in there correctly. I've also tried removing everything else from the Community folder, rebooting the PC and then launching MSFS with only the Santa Barbara folder in the Community folder. Still no joy. Photogrammetry and Bing data are enabled. I've tried deleting the Content.xml file then restarting MSFS - it rebuilds it as expected. That didn't work. I've also done the deleting, then uninstalling KSBA, rebooting the PC, reinstalling KSBA, and relaunching MSFP - Nope. The in-game Content Manager shows that KSBA is installed (v 1.0.1) - actually in game I can see parts of the install like the jetways and cargo containers on the runway nearby, but not a single building. The issue can be replicated by removing the modelLib.BGL, which suggests that for some reason MSFS is not reading this file. (File location: KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport\Community\orbx-airport-ksba-santa-barbara\scenery\Orbx\KSBA\modelLib.BGL) The last suggestion was to remove that BGL file then use orbx Central to check the whole folder for integrity and let it install the latest version, which it did. No change. So any further suggestions will be warmly received! Cheers, Nick
  3. I wanted to resurrect this thread as I too have been enjoying ORBX's KSBA airport, but somewhere between their own update via the ORBX Central utility and the most recent MSFS update the rather fun hispanic styled airport buildings have disappeared. I sense the ORBX support guys on their dedicated forum are running out of suggestions, so just thought I'd ask if anyone else has experienced this sort of issue with KSBA or any other scenery for that matter... Cheers, Nick
  4. Likewise... But I was amazed for 5 seconds, until I spotted all the 'gaps' - nice one :) Far too many people are just too quick to shout out: Fake! Photoshopped!
  5. Lol - if you don't find your hiking boots, you can also fly by, then bank hard, with one wingtip between the trees, and scoop it up... I think this is a neat way to encourage use and understanding of VORs...
  6. What's interesting in the OP is the 'emotional' content... I'm wondering if that is symptomatic of the engagement (of some) with the game? If so then it is a powerful tribute to the design team. Emotionally engaged customers are what brands these days aim for and pay marketing dollars to achieve. Ever heard the expression, "I just LOVE my iPhone"? That sort of comment shows a level of emotional engagement far greater than with say Nokia devices a decade ago. The Nokia empire is now struggling to stay relevant in markets dominated by smartphones. The winds of change blow as steadily as the Trade Winds...
  7. I think it's very bad. Not the game (still in its infancy after all) but the really bizarre spectacle of 'Flight bashing' - for want of better words - from a small minority of posters who seem intent on killing it off... There are many well reasoned arguments from those who want more (far more) of Flight; as well as from those still upset that Flight is not FS11; but hearing the same negativity from one or two persons day after day is getting tiresome. Yes, I know, I could just block their comments, but I'm more of an inclusive person at heart and think of that as a desperate measure indeed. But the really weird aspect is that those of us who try and carefully articulate reasons for positive thinking - there's a list somewhere of around 20 things that Flight does very well - have been roundly derided as gamers or fans, or being religious about the game... There's a great constructive thread in this forum on VOR navigation... This demonstrates the appetite for knowledge from 'gamers' keen to progress to the more cerebral aspects of flight. It would be great if the more experienced, the self-styled 'hard-core' simmers, could participate in threads like this, not with derisory comments about missing cockpits (we have noticed) but with helpful tips based on their greater experiences of either flying for real, or of playing other flying games. I might be completely wrong but I sense that such dialogues would be far more appreciated than increasingly polarised exchanges that get us... nowhere. So on that basis, I will no longer take sides in arguments and try instead to focus on aspects of Flight that are interesting and/or fun - or (in the spirit of impartiality), plain wrong or missing :)
  8. Firstly young man, you should know that it's considered poor form to SHOUT in any forum. Shouting suggests a scarcity of ideas, and rarely wins arguments. So share with us in this Flight forum what YOU think the 'meaning' of fly is? Escape? Freedom? Seeing the world differently...? In a virtual sense, Flight offers as many glimpses of these things as any other flying game does... The secret of happiness is deceptively simple - it's acceptance.
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