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  1. Thanks guys, So far I have deleted KSBA using the orbx Central utility, cleared rolling cache, reinstalled it but no joy. The orbx utility indicates that it is properly installed, and I've been through the Santa Barbara file structure within the Community folder and confirmed all is in there correctly. I've also tried removing everything else from the Community folder, rebooting the PC and then launching MSFS with only the Santa Barbara folder in the Community folder. Still no joy. Photogrammetry and Bing data are enabled. I've tried deleting the Content.xml file then restarting MSFS - it rebuilds it as expected. That didn't work. I've also done the deleting, then uninstalling KSBA, rebooting the PC, reinstalling KSBA, and relaunching MSFP - Nope. The in-game Content Manager shows that KSBA is installed (v 1.0.1) - actually in game I can see parts of the install like the jetways and cargo containers on the runway nearby, but not a single building. The issue can be replicated by removing the modelLib.BGL, which suggests that for some reason MSFS is not reading this file. (File location: KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport\Community\orbx-airport-ksba-santa-barbara\scenery\Orbx\KSBA\modelLib.BGL) The last suggestion was to remove that BGL file then use orbx Central to check the whole folder for integrity and let it install the latest version, which it did. No change. So any further suggestions will be warmly received! Cheers, Nick
  2. I wanted to resurrect this thread as I too have been enjoying ORBX's KSBA airport, but somewhere between their own update via the ORBX Central utility and the most recent MSFS update the rather fun hispanic styled airport buildings have disappeared. I sense the ORBX support guys on their dedicated forum are running out of suggestions, so just thought I'd ask if anyone else has experienced this sort of issue with KSBA or any other scenery for that matter... Cheers, Nick
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