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  1. And the chances it would have a cockpit are . . . . . . :LMAO:
  2. Oh I'm definitely going to keep at it with Flight. There's still a lot of fun to be had out there.
  3. That's what I've been curious about; whether work already done on existing planes will be released.
  4. So do you think that if there had never been any complaints, then Flight would be in great shape and everything would be coming up roses? Seriously?
  5. The functionality is impressive, got to admit. People's reports like this in-game made me re-consider, then the same-day Steam sale did it for me -- that's a little more reasonable price. Only flown it for a little while, but I like it. Pity it may be the last.
  6. Interesting to see that turning on carb heat lowers the RPM. Nice detail.
  7. Well, I thought $15 was too much, so I decided to wait and see. Then I heard folks in-game describing a very good cockpit and VOR gauge. Ok, if they put it on sale I'll seriously consider it. Then Steam puts it on sale for 25% off on the first day? Ok. Got it. Pity it may be the last DLC we'll ever see. I already have the Steam version (long irritating story) and it's a little quirky, but Steam hasn't "taken over my computer." :lol: Unless it's the DivX Player. That d*mned thing kept reassigning my file extensions to itself every time it updated. Since deleted.
  8. Pity, Flight has such potential. Not that big a surprise though, especially given their recent business losses. Still, the existing content still runs, and we have large areas to play with. I still haven't done all the Alaska challenges yet, and there are endless permutations of missions/weather/group flying to enjoy for some time to come. It's not like they suddenly turned it off. Curious though... it's been said before that MS develops DLC months in advance. Is it possible that there are a couple months' worth of DLC sitting in the ready room? Could there be another 1 or 2 aircraft still to be delivered? (Hey, I can dream can't I?)
  9. Not at all. If anyone on the Flight team has an ounce of business sense [insert predicable jokes here] then it would certainly be in their best interests to scan customer feedback. Very true. Anticipating what will happen over the next year, there will likely be a number of better aircraft choices in the future. I think part of the complaining comes from frustration at the glacial pace of Flight's DLC releases.
  10. And that would have made sense. $30 for Alaska with a new VC aircraft would've gone over well enough; it's pretty much what people were expecting. But Alaska is last month's news, and now people are faced with a cockpit that costs as much as Alaska did? Somebody over at MS is making some pretty bizarre marketing decisions. Very true. The Maule had a great deal of value at the time for what you could do with it. But the same price for a cockpit with no new capabilities seems a bit silly to me. Now, for somebody buying Flight for the first time, it might make sense to have a choice between a Maule or a Cub; but there's still the issue of the Cub being dead slow by comparison. That's what I'm holding out for -- a more capable and/or faster aircraft.
  11. The in-game link pitches me out to Steam, where it's not available. And the Xbox page doesn't have it yet. But $14.99 for a frickin' cockpit? Seriously? :Phbbbt:
  12. I'll admit I am impressed by Flight's water details. It looks far better than any sim I've seen before.
  13. I'll let everybody else test it out before considering, although if it's dirt cheap I'll probably get it anyway.
  14. I enjoyed flying with the mouse in Flight for a long time, it works very well except for extreme maneuvering needed for aerobatics, etc. I finally broke down and got a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro (like a lot of people here) mainly for dogfighting with buddies. :lol: It makes a big difference -- but you have to learn to land all over again.
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